Friday, 7 July 2017

Glasgow Reviewed; Black Dove Dining

Being a fairly new South Side resident ( actually it has almost been a year- CRAZY!) there is still a list of eateries on my must visit list and up until last month the Black Dove was at the top of that list thanks to its outstanding reputation. I have been eyeing up countless Instagram snaps of their gorgeous looking dishes for long enough when an offer of coming along to try out a few dishes on the tasting menu came up and I could not say no. Alongside some lovely local bloggers we were absolutely treated by the staff at the Black Dove who are really passionate about the food on the latest menu as well as the fantastic cocktails to compliment it.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Glasgow Reviewed; The St Enoch Summer Event

I have been WAY behind on blogging of late, but life has gotten in the way. So I was excited to ease myself back in with a couple of fab events in the last couple of weeks and it felt goooood. First up was a wonderful evening of perusing the latest summer collections from various shops in the St Enoch Centre in their pretty lovely atrium area. For the last 5 years I would walk through the centre twice a day as it was on my route to work and I loved that in the evening I could easily pick up bits and bobs I needed as part of my commute as it is open to 7pm. Moving further away at the end of last year however means I am in town far less often and I hadn’t even been up to the newly refurbished eating area and it is a pretty nifty space!! With floor to ceiling windows and some really cool Scottish based art installations on the walls and ceiling, it is actually a  handy central space to stop over for some quick and tasty food in a super packed town.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Current Superdrug Skincare Favourites

There is a brand new Superdrug in Glasgow and of course the minute it opened I had to get along and take a good snoop about. handily placed in the West End retail park on the Crow Road this little beauty has parking right outside- pretty nifty for your last minute needs. 

Housing what you have come to expect in a good Superdrug branch, there is a brow bar and really well stocked perfume counter as well as an AMAZING wall of make up brands, it is a proper one stop shop. I am always so excited to see properly stocked shelves of all my favourite brands, and I am of course obsessed by collecting my points on purchases too. 

Friday, 10 March 2017

Benefit They're Real New Launches

So I may have taken a BIT of an extended Christmas break this year..... but instead of beating myself for not getting sorted sooner, I am going to just get on with posting and get stuck back in. Last year was absolutely the toughest I have gone through for a long time, and selling a flat, buying a house and renovating it certainly took its toll. By the time January came round I was fully done, and just needed some quiet time and I am so glad I did.

I am only just getting back to catching up on events, new openings and product launches now and it feels good to be back in the game and what better way to kick off than a bit of Benefit. You know by know a few of their products are my absolute daily staples ( namely brows and mascara) but I am always keen to see what new creative things they have come up with, they are always on the ball with new releases.

Monday, 19 December 2016

A very Superdrug Christmas

I have a very fond history with Superdrug thanks to winning a blogging competition with them many a moon ago. It was not long after starting this blog that I saw they were offering the chance to blog for them and possibly win a holiday in the end and being new to the game I thought, why not! I was so so excited when I was picked as a finalist and set upon enjoying a summer writing content for their blog based around a whole heap of challenges from festival beauty to treating pals to a pampering. I never thought after having so much fun writing for them that I would go and win the whole thing  but I did and it remains something I super proud of. I was delighted then all these years later to be invited to head along to my local store ( the Glasgow Argyle Street branch) to check out all the new makeup lines they had instore as well as the outstanding gift selection on offer. I am ashamed to admit just how often I pop into this store as it happens to be on my daily walk to and from work... that and I have an obsession collecting up my points to treat myself :) Thanks to my recent house move however I hadn't been in for weeks and in that time they have only gone and made some amazing additions to the makeup aisles. Superdrug is the absolute home of the best affordable makeup  so I was bowled over by the newly stocked and jam packed counters for Makeup Revolution, Gosh, MUA and more. I have been itching to get my hands on so many bits for ages and had been buying online but now I could ogle it all in the flesh which is amazing.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Seeing Clearly thanks to Specsavers

I would have had no idea my eyes were overdue a test if it wasn't for Specsavers getting in touch to remind me... and then again to refresh that memory when I still hadn't booked in....!! Considering how long I spend sitting in front of a computer ( and my passion for specatular frames) you would think checking my eyes were in tip top health would be my top priority but with everything going on I just kept putting off getting it booked. It took an AMAZING event with Specsavers to get me giddy again for sorting myself out. The whole evening was wonderfully organised and not only had really amazing wall to wall frames on show (and the absolutely best buffet a blogger could ask) but it was also all nestled into the fab surroundings of the Bo Concept store.

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