Friday, 22 July 2016


Long term readers will know I suffer from pigmentation so protecting my skin is super important ( as it is for anyone of course!) but I am always with an SPF of some kind. When the sun really shines, which handily it actually has here in Glasgow this year, I am sure to use the highest SPF possible. The issue with this is however is the higher the number of protection, the thicker and more clogging I usually find the product which is a nightmare! I was hideously over excited then at a recent Body Shop blogger event with the fab team at the Sauchiehall Street branch, I learnt all about their new Skin Defence SPF 50, high UVA and UVB protection in a light cream that was under £20? I was all over that.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016


I have always been one for last minute decisions and this was one hell of a big one! After humming and hawing about doing it at some point in the distant future, I suddenly decided the time was NOW. I wanted to sell the flat and start working on the next adventure.... and since then life has been alllllllllllllllll over the shop! So here I am saying I am still alive ( just) and before long I should be back up and running and getting to enjoy a life outside of sorting through estate agents, visiting countless homes and having small meltdowns about a million different things at once!

Monday, 6 June 2016

Edinburgh Reviewed: CACI Synergy facial at Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

J.Lo is flawless,  she might not quite be Jenny from the block anymore but she certainly seems to never age which it would turn out is in part thanks to the CACI, non surgical face and body treatments she loves. So of course I felt like a superstar when i was asked if I would also like to give it a go, would I come out looking as young and fresh as she did? My fingers were crossed!

The glorious Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh who are always on the forefront of new treatments, are the first place in Scotland you can actually try the new CACI synergy facial treatment and it was certainly a whole new experience. Centering around an almost space like machine that has a whole load of bells and whistle attachments that are used in the facial, means that for the first time your skin is treated to light therapy alongside a microcurrent which allows for  added tissue stimulation which helps with collagen production. You can opt to include either a microdermabrasion session in the 90 minutes or an ultrasonic peel which is ideal for tailoring the session to your skins needs.  I unfortunately couldn't experience the peel option on the day, but I did give the micro dermabrasion a shot. In the past I have not had much success with this in the past, often finding it a bit 'sand blaster' like, but this technology was a whole different experience. With CACI it feels far less granular on the skin and instead the wand used just bumps along the skin a little ( not painfully) and gets to work on really clearing out the pores. I don't think my blackheads knew what had had hit them! I learned in the session that using superficial abrasion like this helps trigger the body's own natural repair mechanism which brings new collagen as well as rehydrating the area so it was no surprise when it left my skin utterly baby soft and smooth looking. 
The innovative micro-current aspect of the treatment is performed using wands that are moved around the different areas that while a tiny electrical pulse is passed it helps re educates the facial  muscles ( all 32 of them)  and prevent the sagging that ageing brings. It also increases blood flow and aids in lymph circulation which is ideal for reducing any puffiness and making a more defined and taught silhouette. It is these benefits that sees the CACI touted as a non- surgical face lift and I can see why. I was interested to learn this micro-current technology is also now used in hospitals for wound healing and in physiotherapy too.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Glasgow's Style Mile Festival

In case you have missed the twitter hype and you live in Glasgow or nearby I wanted to do a quick post to point you in the direction of the exciting #stylemilefestival going on from today!

I love Glasgow and among our many many highlights is the absolutely amazing shopping on offer and to celebrate that, we even have our own  shopping festival now! With a top notch mix of events, offer and masterclasses running, this is a jam packed few days. You can find out all the details on the website but among the highlights for me are the gorgeous style hub you can see right on Buchanan Street, makeup masterclasses with the phenomenally talented Jamie Genevieve and a visit from Optimus Prime.... There is something for everyone going on!

photos courtesy of peoplemakegla
I am so excited, I love it when the centre has an additional buzz happening and with the huge line up of events, I know it is going to be super busy.

Check out all the happenings on the website, head to the big pink festival hub  or keep an eye out across social media to keep up with the fun.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Rediscovering The Body Shop

When I was younger a trip to my local Body Shop was one of the most grown up things I could do. I still remember the first time I received one of their little round lip balm pots ( hello shea butter!) and thinking I was a super model.That little beauty was the start of an elaborate love affair with the brand among me and my pals and it really took me through my teenage years. As I moved off to Uni and discovered a world of brands, I am sad to say aside from the odd staple purchase The Body Shop faded into the background. I stopped paying attention and turns out I missed a whole heap of amazing product releases!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Glasgow Reviewed; BW Beauty

I absolutely love checking out newcomers to the health and beauty scene in Glasgow and my eyes are always peeled for new places to try, so I was of course all over it when  BW Beauty created a new treatment space in Partick. Offering a full range of services that are really well priced, owner Becca has really got a commitment and passion for beauty and I was super excited to pay her a visit.
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