Monday, 20 November 2017

My Pamper Night In with Simply Be

Since I have finally given in to all things pregnancy and accepted that I am carrying some serious extra weight, I have realised I am POOPED! Officially a bit done in and in need for some proper quiet time and some proper comfy clothing too- this stomach is ready to stretch! Timing could not have been more on my side when Simply Be sent on info of their updated loungewear pages and sent me a couple of bits to try out. Even though I knew about Simply Be from various advertising, I hadn’t actually gone on and taken a look at the vast array of items they stock. From beauty and skincare to shoes and accessories, it is a proper treasure trove!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

BumpH2t: The First Trimester

So if you caught my news the other week you will know I am in fact now pregnant again after a super rocky few years of trying. Thanks to everyone who called, messaged or commented on our posts, it really helped me feel more relaxed with putting that update out there and it brought some welcome excitement around the prospect so that was really lovely for both of us!

Monday, 6 November 2017

Infertility and Me: An Update

I have been simply blown away and so encouraged by the absolutely huge response to my infertility week of posts. The kindness, understanding and vulnerability of so many people really took me aback and made me feel that sharing our journey was absolutely the right thing to do. Publishing them has shown me just how many people have been affected by, are currently suffering or just want to know more to help friends and family, so I know it won't end here for me trying to raise more awareness and keeping that conversation open.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Infertility and Me: Part Five

Click to read part 1,2,3 and 4.

It has been so cathartic to get our story out there over this past week. After such a long time trying to muddle through and keep some form of normal life happening, it is definitely good to just lay it all on a plate and put it out there. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the comments and messages I have been sent. By letting me share the story so far and open up this conversation about fertility, miscarriage and everything that goes with it, you have really given me a bit of myself back which is something I didn't expect to gain. I didn’t want my posts to seem like a big woe is me self-indulgent ramble, but instead serve as a bit of behind the scenes of the complexity and highs and lows that infertility can bring and I hope I have achieved that. Honestly the bravery I have seen from others sharing their stories with me has been so inspiring, and alongside all the wonderful messages of support, it really has made this whole blog series feel worthwhile, so thank you.

 It is not over yet for us and we still have a way to go but I will be updating on the journey soon. I thought to end the week I would just finish these posts up with some links to infertility and miscarriage support pages for anyone else who find themselves landing on these pages looking for information and are not sure where to turn. All of this can be such a devastatingly lonely time, so I want you to know you are not alone.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Infertility and Me: Part Four

click to catch up on Part One, Two and Three

Following our missed miscarriage at 12 and a half weeks .We thought that there would be a bit of a waiting time for us to get started on our IVF treatment. We knew we had been at the top of the waiting list as our scheduled appointment to start had actually come round just before our first pregnancy scan. But seeing as we had already served our waiting list time luckily that meant we didn’t have to wait at all.Looking back I’m not sure whether this was a good or bad thing. There wasn’t long to dwell on losing the baby, but I’m still not sure if my body was physically ready.

However we had come this far and we didn’t take too much time to hum and haw and just decided to go for it. Funnily enough our IVF treatment then started on a morning that we were already signed up to be attending an IVF conference held in Glasgow. All through the IUI treatments we just thought it would work and that we wouldn’t find ourselves in this position, so we naively just hadn’t given the process much thought. It was a surreal morning listening to specialist after specialist, and we felt overwhelmed with some of the options that might lie ahead for us, but I am so glad we had gone just to get a proper overview before it kicked off. I was out of the conference and back in the hospital waiting room within an hour just waiting to pick up my injections to start that day. It had only been 5 weeks since my operation post baby and I didn’t click that it had been such a small amount of time. It was a proper whirl-wind but we were so excited and hopeful to try and get back on track that I never really took it all in. It is funny in the infertility cycle you can get a bit lost in tunnel vision of the situation and sometimes you don’t take a moment to work out how you might feel or what might be best for you.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Infertility and Me: Part Three

If you have missed part 1 and part 2 of my fertility posts you can catch up HERE and HERE.

us  pre procedure at the giant nappy pin monument we always visit- pure superstition!
 I left off yesterday summing up our 6th (yes 6th!) go at the IUI procedure and against the odds, this one ‘took’ and I ended the dreaded 2 week wait on happy news. It was a wonderful surprise, we were nervous and thrilled and exhausted. After the huge crazy rollercoaster the last 2 years had turned out to be we were just so happy to finally feel a bit more normal. I got to come off most of my drugs and we didn’t have to go to the hospital ALL THE TIME anymore which felt amazing. We couldn’t believe I was actually pregnant.
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