Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Lets journey back to a simpler, less stressful time shall we? back when I had only just decided to flog my flat and buy a home that needs a huge overhaul and when my life wasn't a sea of tiny but impactful decisions daily. My skin was fresher, I bothered with some actual grooming and was blissfully whiling away my time catching up on blogs and actually seeing pals- heaven!! Back to the here and now and I am still living in between places ( thanks to a super generous cousin letting us crash) and I am so over  having none of my things around me and that includes my stash of skincare to trial and my usual products too. Safe to say my skin has taken quite the hit in this time and it was really bothering me, lucky for me back when i started out on this journey I had met up with the unbelievably fabulous Laura from Diecem skincare to chat all about the launches the associated brands had coming up. Now Diecem might not quite ring bells with you right away but no doubt you have heard of  Niod, Hylamide and the most recent line which has caused a HUGE buzz, The Ordinary

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Introducing; The Wee Pal Charger

I love finding a new product that was born here in Scotland and not only makes my life so much easier but actually in turn does something for a much greater cause.

Wee Pal is an chic new portable charger for your devices which comes with a side of amazing from the team at Poweralife.com. Started by two Glasgow University students who were studying Sustainable Development in Africa, they realised a buy one,give one model could bring real change in the areas they had visited and that’s when the Wee Pal Charger was born! For every Wee Pal purchased  they then give a solar light  to a school child in Africa which is a such a beautiful idea.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Hair Today....

Do you know in the whirlwind that was the last few weeks of organising selling my flat and purchasing a house, all normal functions of maintenance and  hair removal went right out the window. It is funny how routine disappears and then before you know it, you finally take 5 minutes in front of a well-lit mirror and you realise you are all over the shop. This is exactly what happened to me at the weekend, without even realising I hadn’t kept my eyebrows in check, my underarms were not exactly fresh and my legs had NO chance of being kept in order. essentially I was a bit of a hot mess. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Benefit Brow Range

Brows are such a hot topic for me, after teenage years with trichotillomania and therefore never having any proper eyebrows, what I do have there now is precious and only the best products will do. I have tried so many in the past, gels, pencils, powders, you name it- I have tried it. I thought I had fully settled on the perfect gel for me in the popular but a pain in the bum to get hold of, Anastasia brow pomade but then Benefit go and change the game completely with a whole new range of brow products that are absolutely fantastic.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pure Spa Skin Care Range

So selling and buying a house turns out to be just as hideous and stressful as people say it is and it has certainly taken a toll on me mentally and physically. From eating every single feeling to never sleeping, my skin has taken the brunt of it all and was looking less than clear and bright recently. Handily for me Pure Spa sent me along some of their brand new shiny at home spa products to try out, and they have been a savior in these crazy times.

With no harsh chemical, parabens or irritating foaming ingredients, this cruelty free capsule collection is instead loaded with regenerating pure plant oils and antioxidants which were ideal for calming my skin, never mind being a joy to apply! Ranging from £14.50 to £32, the collection contains 5 products including cleansing oil, eye serums and refreshing spritzes that all smell divine.

I adore using facial oils and have found that they have really improved the texture of my skin with continued use. I do find that my skins need do change a lot however so the Pure Skin range offering one for oily and blemished skin, and one designed to rehydrate, is an ideal combo. I flick between using the two and have loved both.  The Regulate and Clear option is loaded  with Omegas to help heal  while still providing gentle rehydration  too with Vitamin E, the added rosehip is also fantastic for old scarring which has made my skin look more even and clear. The Ylang Ylang is the key ingredient that help balances the sebum which causes my usual spots but also serves the purpose  of really boosting the mood with its exotic aroma, it is so lovely!

The Hydrate and Renew oil has rose, geranium and orange so obviously smells incredible as well as frankincense  which helps regenerate the skin cells and actually promotes deeper sleep through relaxation. This element of it has been so welcome with all my sleeping troubles in the last two months, I love applying this at night and inhaling as I take my time massaging it in. this little beauty is so moisturising, I wake up with much more rested complexion that is so so soft. Wonderful Stuff!

My other favourite from the bunch  is the Clean and Glow Cleansing Oil which has been ideal for removing the thicker spfs I have been using in the summer. This deeply cleansing formula really melts away my makeup through the jojoba oil while still utilising Vitamin E and Neroli to calm and balance the skin. I have been massaging just one pump over my face and removing it with a nice warm face cloth. It feels a wonderful routine and my skin has been reaping the benefits of sticking to it. There has no been no film or residual left over after using this, and it works just as well in the AM as at night. So far, so happy!!

Friday, 22 July 2016


Long term readers will know I suffer from pigmentation so protecting my skin is super important ( as it is for anyone of course!) but I am always with an SPF of some kind. When the sun really shines, which handily it actually has here in Glasgow this year, I am sure to use the highest SPF possible. The issue with this is however is the higher the number of protection, the thicker and more clogging I usually find the product which is a nightmare! I was hideously over excited then at a recent Body Shop blogger event with the fab team at the Sauchiehall Street branch, I learnt all about their new Skin Defence SPF 50, high UVA and UVB protection in a light cream that was under £20? I was all over that.
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