Thursday, 14 December 2017

Glasgow Reviewed; Shopping St Enoch this Christmas

Myself and the lovely Lynsay Loves

I barely know where to start with recounting my magical trip to St Enoch Centre to check out their festive showcase. From huge Christmas trees with shoes as decorations to a make up vending machine that rewards you for taking selfies- it really was quite the evening!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Glasgow Reviewed; Dinner at the Tempus Restaurant

I had not been feeling particularly festive just yet but thanks to the lovely Laura from A Life with Frills that is all changed now! She organises the funnest events and this year a group of my favourite Scottish Bloggers were treated to a slap up meal at the Tempus restaurant in Glasgow's Grand Central Hotel.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

BumpH2T: The Second Trimester

If you missed my first trimester summary then you can catch up HERE.

I had high hopes that I would hit the second trimester and a lot of my fears would subside a little but it just wasn't to be to begin with. The length of time between scans and my lack of a standard looking bump, twinned with my heavy nausea symptoms finally subsiding around the 15 week mark, means I was left in serious doubt things were as they should be. Now I know that is not limited to those who have lost babies before, I have heard plenty of people lamenting the strange time between a  12 week and 20 week scan so I knew I wasn't alone in finding it strange.

Monday, 4 December 2017

My first Charlotte Tilbury experience

Unless you have lived under a rock I am pretty sure you will be aware of Charlotte Tilbury and her epic make up line. Adored by celebrities and pretty much every makeup lover under the sun, I am ashamed to say I STILL hadn't tried or even seen any of the products in the flesh. Shocking, considering her most popular eye shadow shades could not be more up my street!

Monday, 27 November 2017

BumpH2T: Pregnancy Massage at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

One of the best things about any visit to the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh, is seeing all the lovely staff. Justine the owner clearly takes so much time in selecting the right team and their knowledge and skills always speak volumes about the ethos of the spa. This was my first visit with Lola who was in charge of my first ever pregnancy massage, and she made it such a fantastic experience. Chamomile  is such a favourite of mine as the standard there is just so high both in terms of therapist but also just the all round atmosphere, it really is such a calming, beautiful and tranquil place to be. Sadly not all spas actually deliver on that all important relaxation!

Friday, 24 November 2017

Skye Candles Black Friday Deal

A very quick post as I know that other Skye Candle fanatics out there would hate to miss their ace Black Friday deal. I reviewed my first ever products from the team last year and it led to loads of other new shoppers who took advantage on their last deal, so worth checking it out again!
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