Tuesday 21 May 2019

Crystal Clear COMCIT facial at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

You have heard me wax lyrical about the wonder that is Edinburgh’s Chamomile Sanctuary Spa before as I am continually impressed with the treatments and technologies they offer. I love that they are constantly keeping up with the latest procedures and they are all so passionate about learning so they can offer clients an incredible service.

I was really excited to meet Sarah who was going to be talking me through the Comcit treatment from Crystal Clear which promises to help with a variety of skin issues.  It was created by Sharon Hilditch the head of Crystal Clear after she enjoyed the results from traditional micro needling but found the treatments painful and requiring more downtime than she would like. She wanted to put together a treatment that was just as effective but with no bleeding and little to no downtime. 

COMCIT stands for 'Cryo Oxygen Microchanelling Collagen Induction Therapy', quite the mouthful but in basic terms- a machine is used that pushes 93% pure oxygen through a freezer and into the wand that creates a numbing effect as it is applied around the face. A roller with needles is then passed across the skin to create 'micro channels' to allow maximum penetration of the products. The micro channels the needles create ( when they are of a size 0.5mm and over), makes the skin feel lightly ‘attacked’ and in response it produces collagen as protection as well as increasing cell turnover, which is just what the fine lines, scars and texture of the skin needs to improve. Your skin is then infused with a potent blend of ingredients to help rejuvenate the skin. 

Pretty clever stuff!

Sarah was a joy to talk to as she is so interested in skincare and the treatments she is performing, it makes for such a good insight into your own skin and the issues you might have and what is best recommended for treating them. I loved hearing her insight into COMCIT and the results she has seen, I could have chatted right through the treatment time!

She kicked off with cleansing and exfoliating my skin so she could get a good look at the problem areas and decide what products would suit me best.  It was the vitamin C serums we decided I needed to help with my pigmentation and brightness issues. She used the 0.5mm needles alongside a Hylauronic Acid packed with plant stem cells, to help with dehydration and then more vitamin C to penetrate the skin.  More cryo oxygen is used to help calm any redness and further push the serum into the skin. She then used a beautiful Super Repair Mask with lavender and moringa to nourish my skin and it smelt just divine. We finished off with applying a skin brightening complex, the hydracell moisturiser and some SPF 40 which is essential after treatments like this.

The whole process was pretty much pain free, there is the tiny niggle as the roller is passed across certain areas but the oxygen has done such a good numbing job that it is barely there. I was really impressed with how normal my face looked afterwards, I have had a full micro needling done before and this was nothing like it. I had the tiniest touch of redness as I left but to anyone else it will have appeared as nothing, I headed straight to the shops afterwards and didn't feel at all self conscious. Sarah advised that usually the best results are seen in the days afterwards as the skin heals fully and now a week on I can really see that. My skin has felt more nourished than it had recently and certainly much brighter. The instant effect is certainly the plumpness and youthfulness you experience but the days after allowed me to appreciate that my skin appeared much clearer and generally brighter as well as being a much softer texture.

I love that the treatment can be tailored to various issues and I can totally see how a course of treatments could have a huge effect on texture and tone. I really feel like I learned a lot with having this and it has reminded me how much change you can see when you have something as beneficial as this, done.

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My skin has changed a lot since having the baby and in the tiring year since, so it was good to chat with someone who can help pinpoint just what you might need to keep it looking its best. She had some recommendations on another treatment on offer at Chamomile which will help with the some of the more clogged areas of my skin so I will be reading up on that next! This COMCIT treatment has been a really fantastic experience and I think Crystal Clear have achieved just what they set out to do.

I might have also have a cheeky little look at the Spa’s new nail room while I was there so I shall be back with a little post to fill you in on that next.

*This visit was gifted in exchange for a full and honest review. Opinions are as always, my own.*

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