Thursday 14 March 2019

The New Normal

I wrestled with this post for 2 whole months, Specsavers had generously fixed me up with a new pair of glasses for it which was originally pitched as a mum makeover type piece. To give you context, I am due back to work next month as my maternity leave comes to an end, and boy is this a time of such mixed emotions. Settling Arthur into his new long term routine aside, the emotional impact it can have on a mum can be huge. Do I even know who I am anymore? Can I get us ready in time in the morning? Am I capable of interacting with adults or will I sing twinkle twinkle at them? What do I put in a bag if not Sophie the giraffe and 6 types of rice cakes?

I kept panicking that I hadn't had a moments peace to put make up on, have my hair cut, find clothes and good lighting and get the photos needed to illustrate the post to showcase my new specs, but then I realised.... Why does it need to be an uber shiny version of me, when that is just not real life? By doing all that am I not just perpetuating the idea that mum's have it all together and look how we can juggle it all while looking fabulous! When for me,this is far from the reality and Specsavers hadn't ask me to get all dolled up in order to show off the gorgeous Boss frames I chose. I just felt that I should. When I got these glasses, I was the same tired, sweaty, unmade up face that I have been all year, but when I picked these beauties out they brought me exactly the renewed confidence I was looking for without needing to add a full face of make up and a blow dry. I wanted to look more polished without actually having to add any steps to my already mad schedule, and I wanted to feel grown up and not just someone's mum. These really made me feel more me than I had in a long time.

I had been previously in a flap about the 'me' who was returning to work. I haven't worn make up past mascara and eyebrow make up all year, no foundation, blusher or any of the little products I would usually apply and do you know what, I have loved it! Aside from having no time to fit it in anyway, it has just felt right for me. But I realised I was panicking about returning to work and having to go back to the usual face I would apply before. But why did that make me uneasy? So with a rare hour off on a Saturday morning while Ally was out on  a walk with Arthur, I thought just do it now, take the photos and get on with it. So I treated myself and dabbed on a tiny bit of highlighter and plonked myself in front of a window and snapped away. Seeing how my new frames add a boldness to my semi bare face has reminded me that I don't have to be anything other than what makes me happy. The wild post-partum baby hair, the patchy skin, hormonal spots etc are all who I am and that is just fine. I should celebrate who I am comfortable being now, and top that with a damn fine pair of specs!!
As always I was just delighted with the service down at Specsavers Trongate. I had been warned my eyesight  might change when pregnant buuut post baby I definitely noticed things were no longer looking crisp. However I wasn't expecting the huge change that my sight had gone through and turns out my prescription had changed hugely. I was delighted when the optician showed me my new lenses and the difference was mad.  It is well worth getting checked post baby.

Frames wise there was the usual stonking range, including a new one to me Eco Eyewear, every frame in there was just a little dream. Colour, texture and beautiful shapes, really fantastic for using with their famous 2 for 1 deal. Seeing as I was going back to work though I wanted a pair that was smart, goes with everything but still with a bit of interest. Step in the Boss Orange frames and they were all so sleek. I couldn't resist this pair with their business in the front, party on the sides appeal thanks to their subtle tortoiseshell legs. I love how they frame my mostly make up free face and just make me feel pulled together even when on the inside I feel far from it!! Exactly what a pair of glasses should be able to do.

Thank you specsavers for helping me realise that a maw makeover didn't need to be glitz and glamour, just a more polished, happier version of yourself who happens to be a mum!

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