Thursday 13 June 2019

Deluxe Pedicure at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

As you might have seen in my last review, I had a really fantastic facial treatment at Chamomile Sanctuary Spalast week and have seen great results from it. I was lucky to also be shown the Spa’s new nail room and was given my first ever proper pedicure which I can’t believe I have waited so long to have! I was tickled as I went in and saw the high padded seating bank they have created in this white serene room, I felt like a proper VIP sitting up on there plunging my feet into a bubbly bath. It is the perfect way to relax and just how I pictured a pedicure to be thanks to the movies! It would be so much fun to go with a group of friends to all be sit and pampered at the same time and give your feet the 5 star treatment.

Seeing as I have never actually had a pedicure before, I can say I totally understand it now- my feet look and feel so much better, and just in time for summer too. The therapist buffed and exfoliated them as I enjoyed tea and a biscuit, and then she started work on my poor neglected toenails. Trimmed, filed and ready for colour, you could already see how smooth and healthy they looked. I opted to go for the Vinylux polish as I had previously had that done here in a manicure and was unbelievably impressed with the longevity of it and loved that I didn’t need removed in a special way. My nails were left in great condition once the polish was off and I was hoping it was just the same with a pedicure. I can happily report that a whole month on that my pedicure is still completely perfect, I have gorgeous happy bright pink toes ( shade Tropix) and they have taken all the knocks and scrapes that come from chasing a toddler around. Really impressive stuff and absolutely perfect for having before any holidays or special occasions. ( I have spared you the photos as I might think my feet currently look divine.... but I am well aware they are still FEET!)

I am delighted with the changes they have made in the nail room and think it is a beautiful addition to the salon, the team never stop trying to improve and build on their services and the handwork has certainly paid off. As I was sitting in the relaxation room after my treatment I couldn't help but smile when I was joined by two others were absolutely raving about the massages they had just had, with one woman pointing out she has had a lot of them but it was the very best she had experienced. Such high but well deserved praise for Chamomile who never disappoint.

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