Monday 4 December 2017

My first Charlotte Tilbury experience

Unless you have lived under a rock I am pretty sure you will be aware of Charlotte Tilbury and her epic make up line. Adored by celebrities and pretty much every makeup lover under the sun, I am ashamed to say I STILL hadn't tried or even seen any of the products in the flesh. Shocking, considering her most popular eye shadow shades could not be more up my street!

I was delighted to head along to rectify this situation when the Charlotte Tillbury Makeover truck came to Glasgow, offering us regular people the chance to get a free #CTHollywood makeover. With the most glamourous and famous leading ladies being the inspiration to some of the gorgeous products, it was my chance to get a little glamour for myself. From a proper red carpet to full on Hollywood lights, the whole exeprience was loads of fun, and it was no wonder it was proving so popular with the locals, I felt truly pampered in the van with the uber talented Laura who was my makeup artist for the session. She talked me through the huge range of products and skincare and helped me decide what look to go for that day depending on my mood and what leading ladies I might like to channel.

Stand out products for me had been the contour and highlight creams and the lip sticks that came in the most stunning range of colours and I was delighted to get to play around with these after the make over. Before I get to giving these a whirl I have to mention the Magic Cream that I had heard SO much about, I felt like there was no way it could live up to the hype but my word, it bloody did!! Laura lathered it on my skin and I genuinely was shocked by how well rested and just brighter I looked. It was the face lift in a jar I had certainly heard about, no wonder celebs always look so glowy!

Once foundation and  my brows were taken care of it, it was time to give my big square mug a bit more shape and refinement using the contour and highlight wands and I was excited to see them in action. I have a love hate relationship with contour, so many products just don't seem to help you really achieve that definition with ease and I have definitely just ended up with a muddy looking face on more that one occasion. These however took seconds for her to apply and blend, and she had me do the other side of my face and low behold it really was that simple. I have been playing around with them at home and it just takes a few dabs of the creamy product wherever you want them,under the cheek bones, around the forhead, or along the side of the nose, and you just take the complexion brush and blend it in. No real effort required thanks to the consistency of the contour and the sponge applicator on the tube. There are two shade options for the contour and although even the lighter appears dark, it really works and doesn't leave orange or ashy toned streaks which is a common issue. The highlight is a similar doddle to apply and the colour pay off is gorgeous! Using both together just makes my face look more polished but not obvious which I love. I noticed on the website you also get a good deal if you buy both the contour and highlight together, money saving and glamorous. Yes please. As a side note I am a total  brush fiend and this was a joy to use, it looks stunning but importantly blends super well thanks to its dense but soft bristles. Plus it is cruelty free and double sided and therefore a total winner!!

Tiny bit of brows, mascara, the quickest slick of the wands a pop of the matte liquid colour- easy!
I was really impressed at my makeover as the colour selection and consistency of the Hollywood Lipsticks were gorgeous and it was so hard to work out which shade I even wanted  to try on that day. I was sent Too Bad I'm Bad to play around with at home, and It is the such a beautiful matt liquid colour in a warm rosy colour that is so universal. It is the perfect pink for me as it is not so loud I can't wear it as just a beautiful daytime shade but would also be lovely for glamming up with some strong eyeliner. Matte liquids usually give me the fear given the baltic Scottish weather which leaves most of us with delightfully chapped lips, but this goes on super well and doesn't dry to a super stiff feel. The staying power, as you would expect with a celebrity favorite, is fantastic and it doesn't transfer all over the shop. 

In all my first experience with Charlotte Tilbury has been a really positive one, which is fantastic for me but terrible for my bank balance. The rusty eye colours in her palettes are pretty much screaming my name by this point and I am unsure how long I can actually go without giving in. I am delighted to have finally found a decent contour and highlight duo that are actually easy enough to use on the go. I have been playing around on the website building a bit of a dream basket and Its been ages since I have gotten that lost on a site. There are so many handy tools with different skintone comparisons and incredible Hollywood inspiration photos and tips to work from that I got a bit carried away!

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