Wednesday 6 December 2017

BumpH2T: The Second Trimester

If you missed my first trimester summary then you can catch up HERE.

I had high hopes that I would hit the second trimester and a lot of my fears would subside a little but it just wasn't to be to begin with. The length of time between scans and my lack of a standard looking bump, twinned with my heavy nausea symptoms finally subsiding around the 15 week mark, means I was left in serious doubt things were as they should be. Now I know that is not limited to those who have lost babies before, I have heard plenty of people lamenting the strange time between a  12 week and 20 week scan so I knew I wasn't alone in finding it strange.

We plodded along though and tried where possible just to focus on filling our time with catching up with people and planning plenty of fun stuff. I have still been suffering in these weeks with exhuastion issues but it was not as permanent as it was for the first 4 months, so the idea of seeing people was so much fun. Before I posted our fertility story I felt a bit cut off from people as when asked 'what have you been up to?' due to all the hospital treatments and drugs, there was never much of an answer! Now though we both feel a lot more free, and it has been nice to catch up with people and it be known what we have been up to! 

Ally has continued to bond away with the baby even when I doubted they were still in there going strong. Watching him chat away to he or she, and refer to them while we spoke, has really helped me feel a bit more upbeat about what might be about to come which is a nice change and it is nice to see him so so excited.

One of us can finally drive!! a big second trimester development!
Symptoms wise I now swing wildly from being ravenously hungry to massively nauseous, and that sweet tooth has gone no where! My breasts have continued to grow with a worrying pace and my biggest issue is mega hip and back pain stopping me getting any sleep. All the big cushions and stretches don't seem to be doing much but I shall persevere ( and get myself to the physio as soon as they will take me!) I also have been feeling really breathless which is pretty much zero fun and just continues to get worse as baby gets bigger. Not a symptom I had given much thought to before considering how squished my insides are!!

We have been filling our time with getting some of our baby stuff sorted and as long term readers will know, I love to second hand what I can and this has been no exception. From bargain bugaboos (regardless of having no real interest in them originally as a brand, but they are so common to pick up preloved!) to some furniture to house some of their second hand clothes- we are enjoying hunting down what we might need. It might be too early for some, and for people as cautious as we are you would expect us to not want to, but actually it has helped pass the worry time quite well!I do love a challenge :)

When the 20 week scan came around it was a huge relief. I was, as expected a wreck but survived the ordeal and Ally had a ball trying to keep up with what body parts the sonographer was checking out in detail. Happily everything was looking as it should and I walked out the scan finally thinking we were actually going to get to keep this one, which was pretty fun. Keeping Ally from exploding with excitement took some work, I am pretty sure that is him for the duration now!We did find out I have an anterior placenta which is where it sits on the front wall of the uterus. I had already expected that was the case in me due to not feeling anything but both scans confirming just how much this baby was jumping around. So I at least knew not feeling much was to be expected, but as the weeks have gone I can definitely feel a lot more going on when I lie in certain positions. Ally loves to try and catch a little shove so hopefully before long he wont have to work so hard to find it!

In the spirit for putting up the tree!
The later parts of the trimester have definitely seen me feel really different from the earlier weeks and with people knowing now and a more obvious bump, it definitely has made me feel actually pregnant! I am taking advantage of having more energy while it lasts, and handily my shorter temper has gone....for now. Sleep is absolutely still an issue but just taking it easy when I need to, maybe I am just destined to never sleep again- ARGH. I cant quite believe that is me creeping into the third trimester, genuinely a place I never saw us getting to when in our fertility treatment so it feels really surreal. I had been keeping Christmas in my mind as a benchmark so it is strange it is almost here. No doubt after that passes it will all suddenly feel right around the corner which is crazy.

I appreciate all the messages and contact over these past few weeks from people, it has been so good to remain honest about everything we have been experiencing and the support of people has been really beautiful. Thank you so so much from us both!


  1. A few months later, just catching up on your antics and its so weird but you've been writing how I'm feeling all along?! We're 15 weeks now and its as you've said - feels like a huge wait to the next scan, no obvious bump but feeling bigger in several places, and GOOD LORD MY BOOBS. Completely apprehensive because we've not gotten to this stage before and I can't feel anything going on so I'm not sure it is? But you're giving me hope. We're a few steps behind but cheering you all the way. Thanks for being so honest. Sending love xxxx Sadie

    1. oh lovely I hear you. I found it honestly a really quite difficult and confusing time so you go easy on yourself. It took me until about 25 ish weeks to settle into it much more, but hopefully for you that is right around the corner. Just know I completely get it and if you want to chat at any point just send me a message. lots of love to you both xxx


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