Monday 3 August 2015

Treating myself with Debenhams Flowers

Whenever I am in a fancy restaurant or nice cafe one of things that always catches my eye are gorgeous flower displays and I always think how 'fancy' that makes me feel- that I am out enjoying somewhere that is lovely enough to qualify for pretty fresh flowers. Thing is I never actually stop and think wait- me and my flat are lovely too and we could just as easily have something that makes us smile sitting out on display too! So I was over the moon when the guys at Debenhams Flowers got in touch and asked if they could send me some lovely blooms to try out their service, fancy time indeed.

I had no idea Debenhams even had a flower service until now which is daft considering how long I spend in there ( it is on my route home- damn that beauty hall!) Looking at their current summer flowers range, I was bowled over by the delicate bouquets they had on offer with soft peonies, and pastel roses- they are a real bloggers dream! But in the end I could not resist the bold colour explosion of the Summer Sun Bouquet. I am such a sucker for sunflowers and yellow hues mixed with the vibrant purple statice was guaranteed to put a smile on my face every time I passed the living room so I had just had to have them. I knew going for the more bold colours would make it not overly girlie for ally too and I must have picked just right as even he met them with an ' Ooohh I really like sunflowers'!

Having never actually ordered flowers before I really didn't even know what kind of costs you would be looking at but I was really impressed that you can get beautifully neat starter bouquets of blush peonies or golden sunflowers for £20 and they offer adorable add-ons like cake in a tin for £5 too- it would be so amazing to treat someone ( or yourself!) to a delivery like this.

I cannot get over how much a simply addition of fresh bright flowers to my flat makes- they genuinely just cheer me right up and look so pretty. I was really impressed with the speedy service and how well packaged the bouquet arrives, it would be such a big surprise for ordering for someone special.

Lucky for us the gorgeous team at Debenhams Flowers have given me an amazing code to share with you guys- if you use;


You can get 25% any order you place ( not including flowers by post) and even better than that is this an ongoing code that doesn't expire. I know it will be putting to good use for me considering my facebook feed is filled with good news of pregnancies and engagements right now!

Fancy treatment for my fancy readers :)

Treat yo'self!

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