Tuesday 21 July 2015

Introducing: Bear & Bear

So I am off on my travels next month- two weeks of hitting Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava and Prague- and I could not be more excited. I need to actually get my ass in gear however and sort out all the little details like insurance, travel money etc but where is the fun in that?? So instead I have distracted myself for shopping for things I need for the trip and while on the hunt for the ideal day rucksack for taking with me I stumbled across an amazing website I wanted to share. Bear & Bear is an incredibly curated shop covering homewares, tech and travel and I was really taken with the unique mix of items they stock and thought they are actually perfect for not only meeting my travel needs but actually also a fab place to find the ideal wedding present.  I love looking for the perfect present for a couple but sometimes it is not easy with so many items just being too ‘weddingy’, but Bear and Bear had loads of stuff that I know if it was me getting married I would be over the moon with. Something from here would really celebrate a couple’s interests and be a cool and practical item that they could get proper use out of which is a much more appealing idea to me that some of the usual things that get given a lot.

Clockwise from top: Herb Stand/ Enamel Bake Set/ Camera Strap/ Hammock/
Cashmere Blanket/ Pocket sized Picnic Blanket/ Lomography camera/ Dropp Bowl/ Herschel bag
From beautiful Merino Cashmere blankets to super funky Lomography cameras and accessories- there was something for every couple that would really stand out from other gifts. You can pretty much guarantee a smile on anyone’s face if you present them with a packable rainbow hammock! The home wares section is really dreamy and I was super impressed with the prices (never mind the amazing sale that is on).

In the end I found the perfect rucksack I was after- Herschel bags are everywhere right now but Bear & Bear were the only place selling some amazing print versions that I was totally sold on. I ended up going for the gorgeous Settlement Rucksack in remix print and I am in love! They are only £27.50 in the sale currently which is a bargain in comparison to what I have seen them stocked elsewhere. Delivery was quick and reasonable so all in all a great shopping experience; I would definitely recommend checking them out.

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