Tuesday 14 July 2015

The post workout make up routine

About 4 months ago I discovered the strange joy of getting up earlier and going to the gym. That doesn't necessarily sound that appealing but for anyone who likes hitting the gym, particularly for strength training, I cannot tell you much more relaxing and available it is in the earlier hours. I can actually enter 'the man zone' and not be completely intimidated by the thousands of super pumped up guys all busy showing off to one another, and actually get a hold of the equipment I am after!

The one thing I have learn't however is never, ever workout with make up on as it is completely horrific on the skin. Maybe I am the only dozy one who has been doing it in the past, completely oblivious to the havoc it was wreaking on my skin, but now I am forever making sure I am working with a cleansed face. When you sweat you open up your pores which means anything on your face is going to instantly clog those bad boys up and create spots- which is the last thing I need more of! When I wake up now I do a light cleanse with something gentle like La Roche's dermo cleanser and then pop on a light moisturiser and then post gym I cleanser with something specific to what my skin needs ( right now tackling spots with LRP's physiological gel) which I follow up with a quick acid tone ( pixi glow tonice), some Hydraluron for a needed moisture boost and my SPF moisturiser (currently the simple SPF 30). The thing about going to the gym pre work however means having to put my 'face' on away from home which means either lugging about alllll sorts and having to be up even earlier, or admitting defeat and really cutting down on what I use and basically learning to care less- it has been a revelation!

So here is what has been in my first few months of doing this routine's make up bag ( I love an alphabet bag) After the skincare I go with just a basic tinted moisturiser but also carry a small pot of foundation for bad days or just topping up some pigmented areas ( currently Laura Mercier Silk Cream) I also carry my trusted Cover FX concealer for spot concealing and the amazing Maybelline undereye concealer. I then dab on a little cream blush to perk up the skin, usually it would be Stila Gerbera but I just recently ran out so currently carrying Topshop's head over heels. I have powder at work I dab on if needed but actually really enjoyed taking that step out and only using if needed which no doubt my skin is happy with! I do pop on a bit of powder blusher- currently Mac Style as it has a little glow to it which is perfect for not having to carry a different highlighter. I do my brows with Anastasia brow pomade, and pop a touch of highlight on my lids with a Stila pencil and then do my water lines with Rimmels unbeatable waterproof Kohls, I curl my lashes with my trusty Shu's and then mascara to finish it off. I really still just cannot get enough of Benefit Roller Lash so it is always with me! I carry just a stippling brush, powder brush and little concealer and brow brush in a separate flat carrier and find the whole little kit isn't too much to lug around, is super quick to do and has really shown me how much time before I was spending on getting ready that totally wasn't really needed which has been refreshing. Much as I thought everyone at work would be all ' ohhhh you look ill/tired/ different' turns out no one has batted an eyelid which reminds me how much It is all in my head.

Anyone else do the AM workout? 

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