Friday 10 July 2015

A consultation with Transform

After learning loads about the non-surgical options on offer at the Glasgow Transform clinic at a recent event, I was excited to get along and chat more to the team to find out what they thought would be a good idea for my skin and current problem skin.

I booked a consultation with the lovely Fiona and was really happy with how the whole appointment went. I settled into the spacious and well equipped waiting room ( complete with fancy free coffee machine and biscuits to enjoy) and filled in my registration forms including a few questions important for the staff to understand what is best for your skin. Fiona took me through to one of the consultation rooms and went through a few further questions to really understand my current routine and lifestyle and get to grips with what it is I would like to achieve. She was really good at answering all my many questions and explaining why certain treatments might be a good option for me to consider. It was reassuring to me that nothing in the consultation session felt at all ‘ hard sell’ which is what I think I often fear from big clinics, but instead you really got the impression Fiona was keen for me to get the best from any treatment I was considering and really good at getting me to think of not just the short term but  possible long-term plan. 

Recently my skin has taken a turn for the spottier which has been really bothering me so it was reassuring to get to talk that through with Fiona and get her knowledgeable input on what is possibly happening to my skin. She then took me through to speak to one of the clinics qualified nurses to get her opinion on my current acne issues and for her to confirm that the route we were going down was the best idea.  We decided that one of the Obagi peels would be a good idea for my skin right now and I am super excited to give it a whirl. We got to watch the peel in action on the press night and I was amazed at how quick and painless it appeared to be and the Obagi products are something I have heard a lot about in the past so I have definitely got high hopes. The team also decided that using the Obagi Cleanziderm system alongside this was the best plan of attack and I am excited to get going with it. Only available through prescription, this system sounds like just what my skin is needing and after seeing the results one of the other staff at the clinic has had through using it- I am super excited to see if it can do the same for me.

The staff and surroundings at Transform are really good at making you feel totally at ease and relaxed which is essential when having any kind of treatment so I was really pleased with how it went. I think I still have that old-fashioned notion that stepping into any surgical clinic is going to mean I leave covered in blue pen with lots of suggested ‘tweaks’ I could make to look better but it really isn’t like that all! I left feeling relieved to have gone over what was bothering me about my skin and feeling happy that I was going down the right route to start to fix it.

Their free consultations are detailed and in-depth but can still be done to fit around busy schedules and with clinics all over the UK there are lots of options of places to visit, call 0800 655 6406 to book in. 

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