Monday 10 August 2015

Introducing; Predator Nutrition

I am always on the look out for a decent site to order some of my staple treats such as PB2, Walden Farms syrups, and Meridian nut butters, so it is a bonus for me when I find somewhere that stocks them along side good new protein options, supplements like the Fish Oil I use and brands I am used to ordering from the US like Now Nutrition.  Based in Leeds,Predator Nutrition's owner Reggie clearly puts the work in to stocking the site with hard to get health and fitness products that you usually have to pay huge shipping on as well as making sure they are always adding new and upcoming exciting products.

I follow a lot of health and fitness types on instagram and It seems like I can't go a day without seeing some of the US based ones posting pics of delicious sounding Quest Bars and I had been itching to see what all the fuss was about. With a whopping 20g of Protein but only 1g or so ( they all vary slightly) of sugar per bar alongside being gluten free, these certainly looked to be many peoples go to snack of choice or post workout fix but were they actually any good? Lucky for me the Predator Nutrition team sent me a super exciting parcel with a whole load of flavours to try out and so far so tasty! I have only tried a couple of protein style bars before and always been pretty much underwhelmed by their taste, often just chewy and either flavourless or super synthetic sweet tasting. I hadn't found anything that could actually get me looking forward to eating one ( or happy to shell out the £'s for).

Straight off the bat, before I had eve finished reading all the flavours in front of me, I ripped open the strawberry cheesecake option to tuck into. My eagerness means my first go was a little disappointing, it was a nicer flavour than ones I had tried before but it still was a little too chewy and powdery tasting. Colour me disappointed! UNTIL I remembered that on instagram I always see people talking about having them heated and let me tell you that changed everything for me. I got home and cut up the cinnamon swirl option as I knew it would float ally's boat, and with 20 or so seconds in the micro we had a tasty, soft and almost brownie like situation going on that was super tasty, filling, and definitely hit my sweet craving spot. From here on in I have tried them all warm , not heated up is still perfectly fine for a snack on the go but warm actually excites me and has me looking forward to having one after dinner on gym days. The ones I have used so far have been amazing like cookies and cream, peanut butter supreme and  I am in love with the coconut cashew. Next up I am definitely firing into the smores and the cookie dough ones! I am usually a fan of trying to meeting my proten needs in the form of whole food sources as often as possible but often at weekends I find myself not getting enought so these are totally perfect for keeping me going and being a darn tasty snack too. People often eat nowhere near as much protein as they need ( especially if exercising), so these are a fantastic option for meeting those levels easily. At £2.79 a go, they aren't cheap but these fill me up so much better than any other cereal bar I would usually be swayed by and if buying in boxes on the site you can get them for nearer £2 each, plus I would always keep my eyes peeled for deals.

With my whole workout in mind, the team also sent me some sachets of Optimum Nutrition Pre -Workout  powder to try which I am surprised to say seem to make a difference for me. I had my reservations but so far this has helped me with my workouts, very possibly due to the caffeine content ( alongside  creatine and B vitamins)and that I hit the gym pretty early in the morning. These have made me feel far more alert and up for working hard, and I have actually managed PB's  the first day I tried it so  it has been an interesting experiment for me. 

Predator Nutrition has been a really useful find for me getting most of my goodies from one site and is well worth checking out, I love that they stock a decent mix of products and brands and I am a fan of the loyalty points system too. Now if I could just get Reggie to stock my favourite liquid stevias I would be all set!

If you are interested in trying out Quest Bars I just noticed they are selling some short dated stock right now so you could pick up a mixed box of flavours for £16.99 or a few flavours for only 11.99 which is a fab deal, I have just ordered my next bundle ( which arrrived the next day!) and I happened to notice the handy code QUEST10 will get you 10% off that too- bargain! If you take advantage of the handy deal would love you to use my refferer code at the checkout 6650028 and I earn a few of those loyalty points to my next order. Happy Healthy Shopping!

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