Thursday 13 August 2015

Edinburgh Reviewed; The Beauty Lift at The Guerlain Spa

I cannot believe it has been three years since I set eyes on the beautiful Guerlain Spa, nestled in The Caledonian Hotel right in the heart of Edinburgh's City centre. Offering serious luxury to clients, this spa is a truly an indulgent experience that is not to be missed. To celebrate turning 3, the team there have added two fantastic new treatments to their menu to celebrate,  I have had some amazing experiences with Guerlain in these years, so I was super excited to find out more about the latest offerings.

From September, you can choose a new Deep Muscle Relaxation treatment designed to build a stronger body, relax the muscles and calm the mind, or experience a radiant lifted and toned face with The Beauty Lift. I was totally torn between the two as both of them sounded like exactly what I was needing right now- after a year of strength training I have become more in tune with what my body is needing and a massage designed for deep and lasting relaxation sounded ideal. Incorporating Balinese Massage this new treatment sounds completely ideal for sports enthusiasts  or people with particularly busy lives.

But as much as the body treatment sounds like a total dream for me right now I could not forget that without a doubt the most impactful facial treatment I have ever had was here at Guerlain and it  incorporated facial massage that completely transormed my deepest wrinkle concern ( hello frown lines!) and the results lasted for months. So in the battle of new treatments, it had to be The Beauty Lift I went for. Incorporating the anti-aging beauty massage technique that focuses on every facial muscle to target wrinkles and increase microcirculation, this muscle stimulation helps restore volume to areas where it has been lost and your therapist is there to provide you with top  secrets for you to leave with and carry on the newer radiant you at home.

Sound Dreamy? Well I can report it certainly was. As always I was greeted by the friendliest of faces at the Spa and got settled into a comfy robe and chilled out in the relaxation room ( complete with tasty healthy nibbles). My therapist Louise picked me up from here and started the journey by allowing me to select the Guerlain scent I would like used in my treatment. I love this aspect to of the spa as it  really allows you to tailor your treatment to how you are feeling in that moment and for what you want to leave feeling like ( relaxed/energised/soothed) On this visit I was really feeling the masculine scent of Idylle Homme and it was a stunning addition to my treatment to have in the room with me. As with all treatments, you start with a soothing footbath which is perfect for really bringing my focus to the treatment itself and actually relaxing into it. It also gives the therapist time to explain what to expect and answer any questions you might have ( never mind leaving you with lovely soft feet too!)

Feeling wrinkle-free and radiant following the Beauty Lift
The massage itself was absolutely beautiful and incredibly impactful, it is certainly firm in places in order to work the muscles hard but is not actually sore. It takes real skill on the part of the therapist to apply pressure in the right places  that really accentuates the facial contours and work away lines. While a mask works on your skin you are treated to a beautiful arm and shoulder massage ( can also opt for the head) which is then followed by a delightfully cooling application of massage balls to round it all off. The targeted movements used really stretch and relax the face in the most tense areas which was super soothing, I really had no idea how much stress I actually carry in my upper body and this really worked a lot of that away. I was super delighted with the outcome immediately after treatment, just like the first facial I had here that used massage techniques, my deepest frown lines were transformed and my face looked really plump and bright which lasted way after the treatment. If you suffer from particularly sagging skin in any area, I can really only imagine how much firmer skin would feel following this facial workout.

I was on a cloud following The Beauty Lift so I made myself at home back in the relaxation room to enjoy a soothing herbal tea and some fruit while I came back down to earth, it really was a dream way to spend an afternoon ( next time I am definitely also taking advantage of the pool and sauna facilities as they look just gorgeous). These two new treatments are such a good addition to the already impressive  menu at the Guerlain Spa and they are such a fun way to celebrate 3 fantastic years.

To book in with the fab team call 0131 222 8836

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