Friday 4 September 2015

Glasgow Reviewed; My first ever Spray Tan with Benefit

Even though I have such a passion for all things beauty related I have never actually tried a spray tan before, I think the now famous Ross from Friends scene must have scarred me growing up and I have just always had this worry that I would end up AN 8!
Panicking post spray about how dark I was turning...
When Benefit moved their boutique into the larger area in House of Fraser and they had the space to offer both waxing and tanning, I knew at some point I would get over my fear and let them take me through it. So with my upcoming holiday being around the corner, I decided it was the perfect time to get a bit of a holiday glow with a tan the day before my flight and I headed in for the Benebabes to show me the ropes.  They use Vita Liberata  for the spray which i have heard Tan fans absolutely rave about thanks to its really natural colour and even though I maybe went a little darker than I needed I have to totally agree with how natural a look it gives.
Turning super dark the night before then healthy glow the next morning 
Being my first go, I did feel a little silly standing in my glamorous paper pants but i was totally put at ease in the room and talked through all the positions to move into in order for a really even and quick application. Apart from being slightly cool ( quite refreshing though) it was all over really quickly and before I knew it I was a fairly deep brown shade all over! A bit of a discussion with the Benebabes before I went in and they felt the medium was the colour for me and I actually got a shock at how dark it was. Perhaps the light might have been better for my first time, although the gang described it as more a glow and not too much colour so this seemed the better idea- I think I just wasn't ready for how dark the application colour of the medium would actually be!

Ready for my flight with my new lovely colour
I had time to let it dry a little bit, which it does super quickly before pulling on my loose clothes to head home where I got the teasing of a lifetime from Ally and my neighbour and I had to laugh along as I felt so funny with it on! I needn't have worried however as come morning, and with really minimal transfer on anything, I had the nicest tan that was super close to what i would usually come home with after a couple of weeks in the sun! It was really nice to jet off with an already lovely colour and it actually made me fuss less about trying to 'get a tan' while I was away which can only be good for my skin. Over the days it blended in nicely with any colour I was picking up and didn't start to go patchy as it went away which was amazing. 

My faux glow next to Ally's pasty arms on the flight
I really enjoyed my first spray tan and It was great to be in the teams capable hands. I would definitely  do it again for holidays or special occasions as I definitely prefer myself with a bit of healthy colour and it is so easy and safe this way. With prices from £20 you just can't go wrong.

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