Friday 26 June 2015

Introducing: Non-Surgical Procedures at Transform

If only I could tell you what we were talking about... :)
Up until recently the Transform Clinic= boobs to me. Lucky for me I was invited along to find out much more about their company at a recent event, and I am so glad I did as I learnt a huge amount about what they are all about. Not only were the facilities in the Glasgow office fantastic but the staff were a real dream to chat to- unbelievably knowledgeable and passionate about what they can do for people and not just at a surgical level. We were there to learn about all the non- surgical treatments you can have and suffice to say I was in my element as the staff were on hand not just to fill us in but let us see first hand some of the treatments in action.

The best cakes have boobs on em :)
We were lucky enough get to watch demonstrations of an Obagi peel, botox and lip fillers and I found it absolutely fascinating. Seeing how quick and pain free these procedures are was amazing to me-the models who were all having the treatments for the first time, barely flinched which was hugely encouraging to a scaredy cat like me!

I have always wanted to try a proper facial peel so I was really keen to see what it might entail and was amazed with the pretty instant results and how little 'red face' it actually leaves you. Without a doubt you could head back to the office after a lunchtime peel without too much obvious signs and the team at Transform all agreed that it can do real wonders for the skin. The Obagi product lines are something I had heard wonderful stuff about with relation to pigmentation so getting to learn more was really insightful and definitely something I am going to look further into.

Botox is something I have always considered as I am pretty paranoid about the deep frown lines I have ( always wear your glasses people!) so I was excited to actually see it performed. Due to the  time it takes for the botox to really take effect we couldn't see anything straight away but in terms of the actual procedure it was fascinating to learn all the little areas it can be applied, even in tiny amounts, to allow for subtle but impactful changes to a persons appearance. Listening to the team give us the background on exactly how it behaves made me realise  how useful it can be in a preventative capacity to stop some wrinkles getting deeper.

Now with the Kylie Jenner phenomen well and truly taking over the world we couldn't go to a clinic and not hear something about lip fillers- they are so in demand right now! I totally had a different idea of what actually happens with fillers so I was completely engrossed in the model having hers done. We learnt that even a simple touch up around the lip line can cause just the emphasis in the right places to create a gorgeous effect but there is also a real build able level so you can get the look you want. Although not something I am keen on having done myself just now it was fab to learn from the pros how it should be done. I say pro's as that's really what I took from the whole evening, that Transform pride themselves on their level of knowledge, skill and professionalism and that is so important to be looking for when picking a clinic to have procedures like these done. Nowadays there are loads of less reputable places who are willing to pop a bit of filler in on the side of hair cut but that doesn't mean it is a good idea, some times you have to pay more to get a good, safe job done.

DELIGHTED to get to watch the demos
It was such a fab night getting to talk treatments with fellow bloggers and the clinic staff- it is always so nice to be in a room with similarly interested people and it was really great to get to ask questions that I have always wondered about. You can tell the staff are more than happy to sit down with anyone who might be the same and be curious about treatments or what might be beneficial for them. It is not just peels and fillers either, I was really intrigued to learn about the clinical grade skincare they can actually prescribe to people with acne. One of the staff at the night actually had the most phenomenal skin I have ever seen so I was shocked to learn that was actually thanks to using some of the Obagi line the clinic offer alongside having a few peels! The whole night was fantastically put together and it was great to get to see first hand how some of these treatments are performed.
I am a big believer in people having whatever done that might make them feel more confident in themselves and Transform are obviously dedicated to making sure that is achieved in the most professional and skilled way possible.

If you are considering any kind of treatments I highly recommend making an appointment to speak to one of the lovely staff- the Glasgow Clinic is located on Ingram Street and you can reach them on 0141 204 4567

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