Friday 19 June 2015

Clearing up my skin with SK:N

Apologies for the break, a really busy few weeks combined with my skin turning into a raging spotty mess left me feeling not into blogging. It is amazing just how much your skin knocks your confidence and mood and this recent occurrence really left me feeling flat. I had very little skin problems in my teens which I feel super fortunate about, when I hit my 20's however it decided it was time to make up for it and a few changes in the pill and hormones had it in a right mess. It has never helped that I am a classic picker, oh yes- the skins worse nightmare. Pre-blogging and BCH ( before Caroline Hirons- obvs) I did the textbook approach of using the strongest, most foaming, and most irritating amount of products I could get my hands on to try and clear it up which I know now just has the opposite effect and gets the skin panic producing more oil! My skin eventually settled back down and aside from my pigmentation I didn't suffer too badly aside from the odd hormonal pimple, that is until now! I developed a nasty staph infection on my face which was the start of my recent woes, and deeply unattractive to look at ( crusting anyone?!) and it seems to have left in its wake a bout of possible acne. Now it could just be my skin going back through that 7-8 year cycle and changing, my hormones are possibly all over the shop or it could be from something my face isn't liking but it has been causing me all sorts of problems. From deep cystic lumps to sudden pustules out of nowhere and a heck of a lot of scarring being left over ( once a picker always a picker) I have been at my wits end trying to apply all the skin care knowledge I have to try and turn the situation around with out creating long term damage.

A while back I had been sent a range of the SK:N products to give a whirl but at the time the infection was just appearing on my face and they had to go right on the back burner while I calmed the initial situation down. I have since then being using a few of their products to try and both help the spots and also hydrate and moisturise the face and found they have been a big help so I had to share. I know about SK:N from their clinics and the great range of treatments they offer, but I had no idea they have their own line of products on offer too. With 5 ranges available covering corrective, repair and protect, anti-ageing and anti-blemish, they have definitely got your needs covered. I like the slick, clinical looking packaging, I love that the site lists all ingredients along with product information ( including instructions) and I like the actual product packaging as well- clean, functional and decent sizes. 

For the spot tackling side I have been incorporating the products containing ingredients like salycilic, glycolic and malic acid to help dissolve the oil and debris that was clogging my pores. The Glycolic Cleanser is a joy to use and the combination of active ingredients has been amazing on gently exfoliating the dead skin cells that have been causing me  problems and leaving my skin feeling really clean without over stripping it. It has a clip top lid, comes in a 200ml bottle and I find applying the thin liquid to the face and letting it do its work for a few minutes before gently removing works best and I have been loving using this as a post gym cleanser in the AM to keep my skin free of sweat and build up.

I have tried a combination of these Anti- Blemish products over the last couple of months and been similarly impressed. A couple of times a week I have incorporated the magic ingredients of Glycolic and Vitamin A in the Pore Refining Lotion which have again been helping to remove the dead skin cells that were causing my troubles and help slow down the over production of more. I have been using this in the PM after a balm cleanser and being sure to only use a really small amount. It is important not to overdo it when using ingredients like these as you can easily aggravate the skin even more making the spots worse but with gentle use of this I was definitely noticing less spots occurring. In the AM I have been moving between the Blemish Control Lotion and the Maintenance Serum depending on how inflamed my spots were and they have been fab at keeping my oily skin at bay and work really well under my make up.

To make sure my skin was staying hydrated at the same time as these stronger products I was using a couple of the anti-ageing range too which  has been really lovely to use. With the other products having exfoliating properties it was important to make sure my SPF game was strong so I picked up the Moisturising Cream with SPF 30 to make sure I was protected. This bad boy is oil free which is music to my skin clogging ears and rich in antioxidants which should be working away to keep wrinkles at bay as well as helping my skin say soft and clear. If I was being nit picky I would love this in a tube form as jars always get my hygiene shackles up  but it has performed really well and not clogged my skin like other SPFs often do.  For my hols in August I am definitely going to look into their SPF 50 product which is only £19 and is also tinted so could be perfect for my next SPF adventure!

With ageing being on my radar generally I was excited to try out the Age Delaying cream for Younger Skin which I love! Stacked with the important anti-oxidant vitamins C and E alongside some vitamin A for cell turnover and shea butter hydrating the skin, this leaves my skin feeling amazingly plump after applying it at night time.

Over all I am super impressed by the ranges and the quality mix of ingredients they have put together. for the prices. I like their no nonsense approach to just tackling various skin problems head on and they have certainly been a huge help in getting my skin back on track and back to being much clearer and even again. I am hoping to get into the Glasgow SK:N clinic soon so will report back if their treatments live up to the results from the products.

Have a fab weekend everyone!

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