Wednesday 8 April 2015

Glasgow Reviewed; AG Fitness Training

This is one of the hardest posts I have ever tried to write, not because it is about to be a terrible review but the total opposite in fact, I just have SO many good things to say that I don't even know where to start! If you missed my intro post about Andy from AG Fitness training you can catch up here, this post is the promised full review of his 6 week personal training package that I have just finished up and I have been so excited to sing his praises. To refresh, I have wanted to get into weight and strength training for ages as cardio bored me to tears and I walk 7 miles a day Mon-Fri so I feel that is more than enough.  My problem with weights in the past was that I had no set structure and absolutely no correct form what so ever so I was keen to try out a package like this to make sure I was starting off with someone in the know leading the way.

From the outset I knew Andy just 'got' it. He understood where I was now, why I was at this point and where I wanted to get to- which made setting out on this journey together so much easier. He was quick to gain my trust which I think is so important when taking on a new approach to fitness, I felt completely at ease with him and with his plan for getting me to where I want to be. As I mentioned in my intro post it is his approach to nutrition that just blew me away and throughout the 6 weeks this has continued to be an outstanding commitment on his part. Having his clients track their eating on my fitness pal- he monitors and advises you as you go to ensure your diet is in the right place for achieving your goals. He is in regular contact with you to either make suggestions or tweaks or just offer a big well done for keeping on track which is fantastic motivation and helps really build a good relationship. He is always on hand to answer questions which in my case has been millions, he takes time to provide you with any answers you need to keep you on track and strengthen your understanding of how nutrition and fitness work hand in hand and how they affect one another which is something I don't think you can get from a lot of PTs. On top of him monitoring your diet and being on hand to answer questions, he posts handy links and info on his facebook and twitter and also helpfully posts really useful pieces on his blog which are fab for expanding your knowledge.

Nutrition aside, his knowledge and passion for weight training is incredible. Having a solid education in what he is teaching is so important as it again solidifies the trust that I think you need when placing your fitness in someone elses hand. He knows the science behind why things work the way they work and how to then improve on them which is a huge help for me- I love to understand why I should be doing something in order for me to want to continue doing it. Andy is incredibly patient in teaching you good basic form for exercises to ensure you are not going to give yourself any injuries, and so that you are getting the most from every move. He sets you up with a plan so that you can train out side of your sessions and it was no problem at all when I asked him to  make me an additional one to get some exercise at home when I don't have time to get to the gym. As the weeks have progressed we have worked on a variety of important compound moves using different equipment and learning about them has been genuinely good fun. It doesn't matter what you are capable of when you start out Andy makes sure you get going without any embarrassment or intimidation, he is a total joy to train with and manages the perfect mix of patience and encouragement. It has given me the motivation and confidence to then hit the gym on my own to work on what I have been learning and it is amazing just how much I have loved it. I was so over and done with cardio that having a good set routine for the gym that I then building on is actually exciting and  it is incredible just how much more confident it actually makes you feel. Weight loss is not the number one goal here ( although it can be for some) in my 6 weeks I have started to see little muscles grow which were never there before, my clothes fit so much better while my weight has gone down a little but that actually hasn't mattered to me at all as I am finding the fit of my jeans far more motivating. Without a doubt my stomach is the flattest I have seen it, and no jokes- there is a wee proper bum starting to form- the excitement!! I have even been getting up earlier some mornings to fit a quick trip to the gym in before work which is a HUGE change for a sleep lover like me, but I have enjoyed my little sessions so much I have actually been excited to get in- what a turn around!

Andy has been cheering me on every step of the way and I really look forward to our sessions to see what else I can learn and improve on with him leading the way. I haven't hesitated in booking myself in for another course of sessions and neither has Ally who has been just as delighted with the service with AG Fitness as I have been. He is a total gym-phobe normally, before Andy it was a proper battle to get him to come and spend any time in one but now he is gutted when his work shifts means he can't get along to work on his lifting- he will be a beefcake in no time!

If you have been looking to get your fitness and nutrition in line this year I cannot recommend getting in touch with Andy enough, I am gutted I didn't sort out something sooner as I could have saved myself lots of horrible forced cardio! His prices are just fantastic for the level of service you can expect and he is really flexible in working out the best package to suit you. Even if you just want to know more about how a PT session can benefit you just send him a tweet or email- I guarantee you wont be disappointed. I am so excited to see where all Andy takes his business in the coming months, he has some really fantastic ideas for videos and online content alongside ways to expand his training so if I was you I would get in there now and book some space before it is all gone!

You can contact Andy on 07961 085921 or email him at

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