Thursday 26 March 2015



Every so often a website comes along that I just lose my mind over and RedRubyRouge is exactly one of those sites. I am a sucker for unusual design and this site has so many amazing examples of unique designers that I instantly compiled an epic wish list of goodies and I just had to share.

How could I not be on board with that approach?! So much care and attention has obviously been taken in selecting the finest in talent for stocking the shop and they have really created something special.   I had been eyeing up a Baggu for ages which is what led me to the site so it was first up for ordering when a 20%  discount voucher came winging its way into my inbox. As I had hoped, this new foldable tote/backpack made from tough nylon akin to a parachute is the ultimate in 'be prepared' style. Finally someone is nailing the mix of practicality and style and this little beauty is going to be put to all sorts of good use. My mum has already jumped right in and ordered one for herself as she is always looking for a decent extra tote for when she is out shopping and as she uses a stick the fact she cans sling this on her shoulder is a massive plus.
Following some seriously quick free delivery and a further 15% off purchases for signing up to the newsletter my baggu was very closely followed by an order for these amazing Hiro and Wolf earrings which just spoke to me massively. Modern but chic, I loved the mix of textures with the tiny pop of metallic and at £12 they seemed like too good a bargain to miss out on never mind the added fair trade credentials which I love.

As you can see from the below- these two purchases are clearly not enough as  I pretty much want EVERYTHING. Even narrowing down my choices just for this post was hard enough- you seriously need to go and check out the line up for yourself, but hopefully this gives you a pretty good taster of what they have on offer.

1. Black Cat Scarf / 2. Mrs Jermyn Neon Clutch / 3. Baqqu Breton Stripe
4.Elizabeth Stone Agate Necklace / 5. Hurraw Green Tea lipbalm / 6.Wild Thing Fox Necklace
7. Anna Joyce Star Tote / 8. Wild Thing Digital Cuff
So good right? My birthday is coming up next month and this little post might just be popping up in the other half's inbox shortly....!

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