Tuesday 28 April 2015

Edinburgh Reviewed; Guinot Age Summum treatment at Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

So I turned 29 at the weekend, and man am I starting to see those little signs in my skin that is telling me I am 29! Lucky for me though Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh had just the treatment for me to help work on those little tell tale signs of ageing. The Age Summum facial by Guinot  incorporates pure vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and pro-collagen, which are all anti ageing ingredients that are music to my ears.This hands on treatment aims to tackle lack of radiance, loss of firmness as well as fine lines and wrinkles and is without a doubt the best Guinot treatment I have ever tried.

In the run up to giving this new facial a go my skin had suffered terribly thanks to an infection and it left me with seriously dry skin and scarring. The lasting effect this had had on my skin was unreal, I was feeling totally unconfident and just generally flat about my appearance, so I had high hopes that this facial could turn things around and get me back on track.

I settled in to the ever stunning treatment rooms at the spa and my therapist Rhona, got me started with a superb in depth skin consultation. I love how they take their time here to really go through where you skin is at and what kind of things you are looking to treat, you get the real benefit of their level of knowledge about skincare generally and the products they are going to be using which just elevates the whole experience. 

The treatment begins with a dermabrasion exfoliating cream, which does not feel at all rough or over zealous when applied with skill and helps remove dead skin cells and stimulate new cells. This is then followed up with a regenerating anti-aging serum which contains a whopping 56 active ingredients and an active pro collagen mask. While the mask takes effect you are given a beautifully relaxing massage of the arms, hands and shoulders which leads really nicely into the facial massage that is then used to work those vital ingredients into the skin. This helps work on the all over tone, firmness and brightness of the skin and feels absolutely fantastic too. 

The difference in my skin after just the one treatment was absolutely fantastic, I might not have deep set wrinkles or massive sagging issues but considering how dull and congested my skin was looking when I went it in, afterwards it was SO much brighter, clearer and youthful looking. It completely transformed my mood and gave me so much more confidence. it didn't bother me for a second that i was wandering around all day make up free- and I genuinely could not stop glancing in shop windows at how much better my skin looked. The treatment costs £70 for the hour and without a doubt I would be happy to pay that again for these kinds of results, it is crazy just how much your skin can change in an hour with the right type of ingredients applied in the right way by a skilled therapist. I was absolutely over the moon!

I highly recommend checking the Age Summom treatment at Chamomile Sanctuary spa out. A top notch treatment in one of the best spas, I was commenting on this visit that the team here just never disapoint and neither does the spa itself. Often over time I see standards slipping at venues, a lick of paint needed here or there, but at Chamomile the attention to detail is always utterly flawless and that always makes me relax and enjoy the experience that little bit more. A really impressive visit once again, I might just move into that relaxation room yet....

You can contact the reception on 0131 220 1000 or visit the website here.

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