Wednesday 6 August 2014

Bioslimming wrap at Westfield Day Spa in Ayrshire

Warm hands, warm heart might not be exactly how the famous saying goes, but that is certainly what you are going to get on a visit to Marion at Westfield House Spa in Mauchline ( pronounced Moch-lin) in Ayrshire. Situated in a really beautiful bright and welcoming house, this holistic spa feels like a real break from the outside world and is well worth a visit.

I was here to try out the salons signature Bioslimming body wrap treatment and the 5D from Paris anti-Ageing Facial and knew little of what to expect before I arrived. Welcomed into this gorgeous home Ally and I were settled into the double treatment room to get ready with some herbal tea. Marion took my starting measurements and marked the skin to ensure exact positions for measuring after the treatment, she explained that the spa is the distributor across Scotland for the Bioslimming contouring treatment and how incredibly popular it is due to the results it can bring with one treatment. Always keen to see a few pesky lumps and bumps smoothed out, I was excited to see what the wrap could do for me. The treatment can take up to two hours and is done in two stages. First Marion uses brisk massage movements along with the Ultra Slim gel and cream to encourage the break up of fat cells and engage lymphatic drainage and also allow the treatment creams to penetrate.  The creams are a potent blend of caffeine, algae extract and thermo extracts ( giving hot and cold sensations) which work their magic while Marion applies the outer wrap and utilizes a special rolling machine which further helps break up the pesky fat cells and really encourage the contouring element of the treatment. It is not like other wraps I have encountered before where by you are really mummified and unable to move, instead each actual limb is individual wrapped loosely which allows for a really relaxing and comfortable experience. 

While the final cream for my bio slimming worked its magic I was treated to the 5D from Paris Anti Ageing facial which again I had no idea about going in. Also known as the 'Hollywood Glow' this facial is said to give instant results with decreasing the depth and volume of fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen and refining and brightening. I could feel Marion working on my  problem areas such as the pigmentation on my cheeks and eye area and pesky deep lines between my brows. With a relaxing facial on the go while nestled under a beautiful big duvet while the wrap did its thang, I completely forgot about the actual results the facial should bring so I was totally thrilled when it was over and she handed me in a mirror to see how bright and clear my skin looked. The pigmentation looked so much lightened and my face just looked plump and healthy and without a doubt glowing. I was absolutely thrilled and I have to say 4 days later looking in the mirror I can see how much the treatment has helped with my deep frown lines and my makeup is sitting on my skin beautifully. 

With the facial complete and the wrap all removed and the final creams vigorously massage in, it was time to re-measure me and do some comparison snaps so I could see the differences. Marion said before even taking the measurements she could see the difference in my stomach in particular as she worked through the steps of the treatment and being the beauty cynic I am, I couldn't quite believe it until I stood looking at the pics. She hadn't even told me my measurement differences and I was beaming with delight as you could see a HUGE difference in my before and afters. I had expected maybe a few cms off in certain areas thanks to the massage but I did not expect to be able to see such a change in definition of my my waist and hips, the new tone to my stomach and thighs and marked difference in my cellulite and pesky stretch marks. Everything looked so much more 'shapely' and defined and I was properly bouncing off the ceiling with confidence. I have never worn a bikini in my life but I tell you after that treatment I would have gone and done my food shopping in one. I felt absolutely fantastic and it was really topped off when Marion revealed that over the course of 90 mins I had lost 28.5 cms from all over my body! A huge difference that I could really see and feel, my stomach which is so wobbly was 4.5 cms down which is a huge loss, considering the last wrap treatment I had saw me lose 4.5 inches from all over, the Bio slimming wrap produced 3 times that result which is amazing considering it is only £59 a treatment! I am not quite bold enough to show my own before and after pics on here but you can see other similar ones here which will give you an idea of how the treatment gives such a good shape. Inches aside I absolutely loved how my skin looked and felt after the treatment, as the fluid had been drawn out from the cells,circulation increased and collagen production enhanced everything just looked firmer, sleeker and boy was it smooth!

No sooner had I lost all those cms was I downstairs in the absolutely stunning relaxation room for a beautiful baked potato lunch and the largest plate of cakes I have ever had the pleasure of being tempted with. Now the bio slimming wrap I had does continue to take effect over the next 12 hours so of course I should have been keeping my body toxin free but honestly we went to town on that plate of cakes. Embarrassingly so in fact, but it was so much fun and such a relaxing setting we couldn't resist. The hospitality shown by Marion and her team was second to none and coming out to Ayrshire for a day reminded me that in order to truly relax and unwind sometimes you need to look a bit further out and really take yourself away from the hustle and bustle. I was completely sold on the two treatments and for sure the bio slimming one would be truly ideal for anyone just about to slip into a wedding dress this summer or off on a beach holiday and just looking for an easy confidence boost. 

You can read more about Bioslimming here and contact the lovely Marion about visiting Westfield here.

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