Wednesday 23 July 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; Sew Confident Classes

The amazing Jenny trying out a ball gown before it gets transformed!
Following the success of the Great British Sewing Bee, sewing has seen such an increase in popularity in the last year. From being able to to make your own clothes, to altering second hand threads to creating fun and original gifts for people- being able to work a sewing machine is a huge asset, and thanks to one particularly patient teacher I can say that I can now sew!

I first met the amazing Jenny, who runs Sew Confident, last year at her beginners class she was holding out at Clydebank college. Over the weeks I learnt how to use a machine, create things like tote bags and cushion covers and generally get to grips with all the possibilities that being able to sew can open up. The beginners course was so much fun, the atmosphere was really friendly and relaxed and the other people on the course were all really lovely. Jenny has such a a warm personality and is INCREDIBLY patient- seriously, I am not a natural at this and she handled my thousand ( fairly stupid) questions really well. With 11 years sewing experience and a BA in Fashion business, teaching is the perfect fit for her.

Getting ready for another busy class in Eco Chic boutique
When she approached me to come and try out her intermediate class I jumped at the chance. Admittedly my skills had gone a little rusty as I didn't carry on sewing after the first set of classes which was really stupid so this was the perfect opportunity to get back into the swing of thing. These ones were being held at the super handy location of the Eco Chic boutique on High Street which is such a perfect location for getting together with others and learning sewing. If you haven't been into the shop before it is a beautiful boutique that stocks amazing up cycled and vintage clothes alongside lovely arts and crafts that are locally made. It really is such a beautifully creative place for us all to sit together on machines and work away, there are lots of lovely pieces to inspire us to keep up our sewing outside of class.

Once again the class was a really friendly and enthusiastic bunch of people with mixed sewing abilities, some have sewn quite a bit since they did Jenny's beginners class and others like me had cursedly left it alone. This was no reason for alarm though we were quickly brought right back up to speed and every week Jenny sets really achievable projects that she guides us through step by step. Over the course of six weeks I have made a really gorgeous beach bag, some pajama bottoms and matching top, a sunglasses case that I use every day and a really precious frilly pinny that I absolutely adore and would have cost a fortune in the shops.  In the last week of class you can create whatever you fancy, and seeing as Jenny is forever wearing her own amazing creations I had to attempt a skirt she had been wearing that I was determined to make myself. I love my stripey number and can't wait to replicate it with different prints.

My copycat skirt
my handy beach tote bag!
Seeing as I am such a huge charity shopping fan, the skills to alter even in a basic way some of the clothes I find, is an invaluable skill and one that really doesn't have to cost the earth which is perfect in recession times. I cannot recommend Jenny as a teacher enough, she is so encouraging and passionate about what she does that she makes what can seem a daunting task- a much, much simpler one. I love the feeling of achievement I have gotten through her classes and that's not something I have actually felt since my uni days! The sew confident classes are well organised, executed and really good value for money from the amount of ground that is covered. I love that Jenny is always on hand on email/Twitter/Facebook to give you advice and tips even after your classes are done and chatting to other past attendees is great fun too. If you have ever considered taking up something new or are looking for a new challenge then Sew Confident could be just perfect for you, I have loved sitting with other people keen to learn in a lovely relaxed atmosphere and come away each evening with something I am proud to have made all by myself. The classes have been a total hoot thanks to Jenny being so welcoming, everyone chats away while working and helps each other out and encourages one another. In our last class where you are free to create whatever you fancy, someone brought in an amazing vintage ballgown which was amazing to watch change shape. Sew Confident are hoping to start classes for jobs just like this which I am hugely excited about- a new excuse to do even more vintage shopping!

my new sunnies case
You can contact Jenny on and handily she holds her range of classes all over the place so you are sure to find something to suit. You can find out more on the site or the facebook  or on the twitter feed.

Happy Sewing everyone!

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