Tuesday 22 July 2014

Getting to know: Murad skincare

I am on a skincare roll right now, learning about so many brands that I have left un-investigated for far too long, and Murad was next on my hit list.

I was delighted to be attending the launch of their brand new concession stand in Debenhams at Glasgow's glamorous Corinthians Nightclub and it was a wonderfully informative evening. Before heading along to meet the team I had known very little about Dr Murad and his products. I had used his renewing eye cream and blemish control gel in the past and been impressed but for some reason I hadn't looked into any of the other products they have on offer. I am officially a convert however as learning more about the ethos behind the brand has really caught my attention. As readers will know in the last year so I have really taken the head to toe element of my blog to heart and worked harder at improving myself from the inside out- looking into nutrition and healthy eating, mindfulness and of course keeping my love for skincare, With all this in mind I was delighted to discover that it is the combination of all this that fuels Dr Murad's creations, far from just whipping up powerful and effective treatments for the outside he promotes health and well being in the whole to contribute to how you look and live which resonated with me completely.

On the night we learn't all about this passion behind the brand whilst getting to play around with the products and learn more about what is on offer at this new addition to Debenhams impressive beauty hall. I was delighted to sit down and have a one on one consultation which includes using a state of the art skin scanner, a nifty little machine that takes an in depth photo of your skin. This allows the staff to take a close look at what is really going on with your skin underneath the surface layers and make truly tailored product recommendations for help with specific issues. A look at your skin at subsurface level might sound scary but it is incredibly useful tool for showing exactly how your skin might be suffering, for instance I was sure I had the hydration levels of my skin completely down thanks to a change up in routines but low and behold my scan showed areas of serious dehydration that needed worked on to help keep the wrinkles at bay which I am so glad I am now aware of. This service is free at the Murad counter and I highly recommend getting along there to speak to their really friendly and knowledgeable staff and seeing what they recommend for your skin, I was blown away with detail they can give you on how to help your skin and picked up some great tips.

One of the products that really caught my attention and I have had great fun trying out is the new blackhead and pore clearing duo that I was lucky enough to leave with on the night- so look out for a review coming soon!

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