Monday 21 July 2014

Getting to know: Emma Hardie

Myself, Paula and Emma Hardie
It is not every day you get to sit down with the creator of some amazing skincare products and all round skin guru wonder woman, so you can imagine how exciting it was to sit down with the one and only Emma Hardie right here in Glasgow. Up until now I didn't know too much about the woman herself or the other products in the line up  and thanks to my super informative session with her I wanted to fill you all in. Her Moringa cleansing balm came into my life via the one and only Caroline Hirons which I imagine is the case for so many of my readers and since then I haven't looked back at my cleansing routine. Gone are the stripping strong products I used to use which were wreaking havoc on my poor dehydrated spot prone skin and in came this balm to oil formula which cleanses my skin perfectly while hydrating it and nourishing it. I have only just recently ran out of the balm and boy is my skin missing it- but on Emma's personal recommendation I am going to hopefully be trying combining this cleanse with her foaming cleansing wash as apparently this takes it completely next level, I can't wait!

The labelless products on the right are some super exciting upcoming new releases!
Formed in 2009 Emma introduced her much celebrated line, the Amazing Face skincare system in response to the success of her ground breaking and highly acclaimed natural lift and sculpting facial which delivered firmer, plumper skin without using harsh ingredients or invasive techniques. Such is her passion for this natural route her capsule skincare collection utilises natural botanicals to smooth and lift tired skin and if applied using her famous techniques can result in visibly more youthful and vibrant skin.

The lady hereslf- just look at that amazing skin will you!
It is these application techniques that I foolishly had no idea about until meeting Emma in person, I am so annoyed at myself for not checking out her website directly ( doing as many do and googling products and buying from whatever shopping site!) On there is a real wealth of insider skin knowledge that is not to be missed. Turns out applying these products in particular ways really can make a massive difference to the skin and are easy to follow. I was blown away when I discovered the well put together videos that talk you through application and give you the complete insight to Emma's much sought after facialist skills. Not only that but the site offers free P&P and they offer loads of offers such as free smaller size products with  purchase, not bad at all considering I usually associate these kinds of offers with large online stores.

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I am so excited to be trying out a few bits and bobs from the newly released age perfect range which I will report back on soon but for now I had to get this up to direct you all to the site to enjoy the insider tips and tricks that I am having so much fun putting in to practice!

Hope everyone had a fab weekend,

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