Tuesday 15 July 2014

Getting to know: Kiehl's

Prior to heading along to their brand spanking new Buchanan Street store I have to admit I knew very little about Kiehl's as a brand. Aside from their famous Creme De Corps moisturiser, the only other product on my radar was that they stock a good high factor SPF that I have been meaning to try but I haven't actually gone to give it a go! After sadly missing the new store launch party that looked absolutely immense, I was sure to get right in there in their opening week to meet the lovely staff and take a good nosy around and ask more about their products.

First off this store is NOT to be missed, it has been put together impeccably and feels, fresh exciting and actually 'cool', I had the brand down as more clinical than this but the shop instantly gave me a completely different impression of serious products in a really fun, creative but not at all intimidating setting- which is a dream combination!

It was a real pleasure to take my time in the airy,open shop and get to grips with the multitude of fab  products they stock. I learnt that it is the Kiehl's touch to invite customers to sit down for a complimentary skin consultation and mini facial to give you a chance to find the absolutely best products for your skin type.  This is a real luxury in such amazing surroundings and really spend time with the trained staff to ensure you get what you came for. There is no pushy hard sell and they even send you off with little samples of the products you like so that you can give it a try yourself before committing which I think is so important when it comes to skincare.  I even learnt a top tip I had no idea about on my visit, pop any spare eye cream on to your top lip to use it  up and help keep that much used area nice and firm- AMAZING!

The staff here are so knowledgeable it is well worth popping in to learn from them and try out some of the Kiehls products.I love the unisex aspect of the brand and this shop even has a gents Barber area that is in use two days a week which is a really fab quirk.

The SPF and the much talked about Midnight Recovery Complex treatment are definitely first up on my hitlist, along with a long line of others. Oh dear Kiehl's, you are in danger of me moving in :)

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