Friday 4 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

I absolutely love a strong cat-eye eyeliner look but usually shy away from a full black one unless it is going over some dark eye shadow, as I always feel I can't get it quite neat and even enough to wear it confidently. When I am giving it a go I prefer to use a gel/cream formula as I find the idea of using a brush less scary than jumping right in with a pen or liquid, which I usually end up getting everywhere and ruining my makeup. This is not the quickest or more travel friendly option however, so I was really intrigued when I first heard of Benefits latest innovative release- the They're Real Push-up Liner (£18.50). As a big fan of the mascara already, I had high hopes this liner might just be the one for me- allowing the precision of gel but with quicker, portable application and that is certainly what they have created. It has taken 5 years and 70 different versions to get this bad boy just how they wanted it, and that amount of work and dedication really shows in the final product.

Sporting a fancy 'accuflex tip' ( read angled rubbery nib) that basically lets you get right into the lash line, and a matte black gel formula that seriously does not go anywhere,this liner is definitely one for the liner phobes and liner fanatics alike. It took me a couple of goes to get the application just right but now that I have I am totally in love. There is a little cap you pop off to stop any product drying out and then I like to twist a little up and dab lightly on the back of my hand to ensure I have just enough product to go on. I find the soft angled tip is JUST the right size for almost stamping the lusted-after flick on and then you can draw the joining line on. It has a wide base which makes it really easy to grip and create a nice stable line and without a doubt it is the first liner I have ever managed to achieve a more natural think line with, no doubt thanks to how well it grips the lashes and lets you apply it really close.  It does dry really quickly so you have to work fast which is why it took me a couple of go's to master it fully as at first I was taking small tentative moves with it which wasn't a smooth end result but I have definitely built confidence with the whole winged look since using this.

First go- couple of spots where colour is not as even as it could be- but happy with the flicks!
Second attempt- not bad at all!
 I love the matte finish and the waterproof formula, it is a total godsend for warm summers and wild weddings- it does not come off for pretty much love nor money! Now this getting it off part is definitely tricky but Benefit have actually released a new They're Real Remover (£14.50) in response to customer demand for help in getting the mascara off and this stuff is a total god send. you only need to massage a tiny amount on to the eyes to help dissolve both the liner and mascara, remove and you are good to go! I know its not totally ideal you would need to be buying the remover in addition to the liner but it is really worth the extra cash for such a slick,waterproof liner that you can still remove nice and quick ( and it doesn't sting the eyes- Hurrah!)

 I am really impressed with this new product, I love that I can get a lot more precision along the lash line with it- I always hated that when I gave eyeliner a go that I had to do big huge lines just to cover all my mistakes and get around my lashes, but that is now actually a choice! I just need to persuade the lovely Benefit bods to create it in a nice rich brown (always warms my skin tone up a bit) and I will be a happy bunny. For anyone who has always lusted after the elusive cat eye or just shies away from liner generally this is just the right tool to build your confidence with and for any liner fanatics looking for a strong, matte stay-put formula, well your prayers have been answered! I wasn't sure if it was just blogger hype but happy to say this really does make eyeliner #criminallyeasy

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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