Tuesday 27 May 2014

My Favourite SPF with Image Skincare

When a few sample sizes of Image skincares latest offerings popped through my door the other day, I thought it was actually a good time of year to remind everyone about their SPF range that they have and I personally adore and is my go to for sun protection.

You can read my full review of their SPF here but to summarise this is the best stuff I have found so far for properly protecting my skin in the summer sun and gives me the peace of mind that I wont be making my annoying pigmentation problem any worse! Since posting my review I have continued loving that it doesn't leave me with the awful 'ghost face' effect and makes such a good base for my make up without feeling thick or heavy.

Displaying Prevention + Group Tubes.jpg
 I am hoping to get along to a stockist soon and take a look at the rest of the range- there is a new tinted moisturiser that really appeals to me considering how impressed I have been with this matte version, and there is also an ultimate protection version with a nice whopping SPF 50 in it that I will probably invest in if I ever get myself a nice summer holiday booked!

I have only used the new products that came in the other day, a couple of times but I can report the new Illuma range smells AMAZING, and I am hoping even the little trial sizes might do a little working on shifting any new pigmentation I have got. Incorporating cell extracts and phyto lightening agents to give truly illuminated skin - I can't wait to see if they deliver!

If you still haven't checked out any of the Image Skincare lines, you are totally missing out! You can find the list of local Scottish Stockists here.

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