Tuesday 2 July 2013

Edinburgh Reviewed: Vinylux Nails by CND at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

When CND brought us Shellac- beauty fans were ecstatic, but it was never really for me. I have too short an attention span to have one colour on my nails for such a long time, and anything that they say needs removed specially is just too much fussing for a lazy gal  like me ( although I can see why it would be perfect for holidays and special occasions). So when I first hear about CND’s latest offering- Vinylux I knew it was more up my street. A breakthrough polish once again, Vinylux requires no base coat, and has a top coat that continues to becomes durable with natural light exposure, it also removes with normal polish remover AND can last around 7 days, sounds pretty perfect to me!

 I was lucky enough to get to try out this breakthrough product at one of my favourite spots, the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh and I can say it is definatley something I will be doing again. The colour range is spectacular; it applies like a dream and so far after 10 days and counting it still looks immaculate, glossy and bright. I was actually going to hold off on posting this review until after this manicure had worn off but at this rate it will be on forever so I have had to give in and share it now! The fact it has lasted so long is truly testament to how good and long lasting these vinylux polishes are- I am a total clutz and my nail polish is usually chipped mere hours after application from me fiddling with things but this still looks amazing. You can see in the snaps there is a slight amount of tip wear on a couple of fingers but that is it- otherwise it is in fantastic condition and still attracting compliments.

just a few of the amazing colours available
12 hours after manicure
My therapist At Chamomile was Sonica who gave me a full manicure, filing and buffing my nails into a beautiful rounded shape and giving my hands a gorgeous massage with an exfoliating scrub with coffee granules in it to prep my hands for my pop of Vinylux colour. She filled me in on the pro-light technology these have which creates  a network of polymer bonds that build resistance  to chips  and actually becomes more durable with exposure to natural light. It takes just two lights coats of the colour and one coat of the vinylux weekly topcoat which dries in around 8 minutes and you are good to go. Coming in a huge 62 shades with many matching the hugely popular shellac shades so you can now have your favourite one applied in the vinylux version. I was massively impressed both with my treatment at the spa and the finished product, the colour I am wearing is tropix which is the perfect corally pink for summer- I have had so many comments on my nails I will be gutted when it actually comes off!

6 days after manicure
10 full days after manicure!

I never thought I would be so impressed with a nail treatment but CND have really won me over with this. The treatment at Chamomile is only £18 for half an hour, which I think is a fantastic price for such a good manicure - long lasting colour and all from the comfort of their beautiful relaxing nail room, it is definately top marks from me!

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