Wednesday 3 July 2013

Edinburgh Reviewed: The Castle Thai Spa

A review today of an entirely new experience for not just me, but Mr Beautyh2t ( also known as Ally) too. I often take friends along to any blog related activities I am fortunate enough to get to do but when I was invited along to do this review I knew I had to book him in for something while I was there. He has long suffered with a sore back from an old injury and is constantly trying to stretch himself into ridiculous positions on the floor and basically getting in the way of me watching Eastenders! One thing he has always wanted to try is a traditional Thai massage as whenever he has seen it on TV ( mostly on Take me Out!) he has been so envious of the people being bent and twisted into all kinds of positions he shouts 'That's what I want! Help me bend like that!" Being the dutiful girlfriend I give it my best shot, but my feeble attempts to pull or move any of his limbs in the right way are totally useless and do no good whatsoever- so when the lovely team at the Castle Thai Spa invited me along to try out a treatment there was no way I could leave him behind.

Nestled underground on Castle Street ( a superb location just off Princes Street) the Castle Thai spa instantly envelops you with its dark decor, sensuous scents and relaxing music inviting you down their stairs, where staff will fall over themselves to be of help. I was led to my room to prepare for their Thai Body Scrub treatment which is a beautiful hour in which my skin was exfoliated top to toe followed by an incredibly relaxing massage.

I was really impressed with the body scrub, helping to revive and refresh the skin by removing toxins and impurities the scrub was invigorating yet relaxing at the same time. My therapist was a delight and guided me through process, asking me once the scrub had been applied to use the bathroom facilities to shower off in preparation for the next step. Incredibly soothing, and expertly delivered, the massage was very relaxing and luxurious and she even took me through some traditional moves in at the end- hopping up on the bed and moving her legs around my back she was applying pressure exactly where I had been needing it- it felt amazing! These closing moves to the treatment left me desperate to try out the full Traditional Thai Massage. The Body Scrub  was perfect for relaxation and the ultimate in pampering and luxury ( I was honestly the smoothest thing you have ever felt after it!) but I think because of my tight shoulder muscles I would really love to experience the massage in full. You could really feel the strength and skill in the moves my therapist was using and you could tell she could work some serious magic on your aches and pains. 

As for Ally... well it was just everything he could have hoped for and more- I have never seem him look more pleased! When I came out of my treatment he was relaxing in the waiting area with a cup of green tea looking like he was floating on a cloud. He says it was exactly what he needed and wanted and that his back has never felt better. He was moved and manipulated by his therapist to enjoy the maximum stretch and massage from head to and he adored the whole experience, he didn't want it to be over!

Overall I found the spa to be welcoming, relaxing, friendly and very well presented (Elemis products in the bathroom is always a tick!) The services being offered are authentic and unique and they really have something to offer everyone, from a relaxing massage with the scrub or oil to the full works for anyone in need of ironing out a few kinks. I cannot wait to get back and give the traditional massage a go in full and find out what all the fuss is about as Ally is still going on about it now- which makes a lovely change from him going on about his aches and pains :) 

The Castle Thai Spa is on Castle street in Edinburgh and have the amazing opening hours of 10am till 10pm everyday ( 7pm sundays) which makes it perfect for an after work visit. Prices are very reasonable for the level of massage being given, with a 30 minute traditional massage offered at only £30. You can contact the spa for bookings on 0131 629 0794 and you can keep up to date with them on facebook here.

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