Monday 10 June 2013

Guinot Hydraclean Facial at the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

After a couple of weeks of serious overindulgence of both the wine and pudding variety my skin has been sending out a major SOS. Looking dull, spotty and generally flat it was in desperate need of a good cleanse and treatment and that is exactly what I found in the latest facial offered by the skincare gods at Guinot. Last Sunday morning I headed to the absolutely gorgeous surroundings of the Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh to see just what the Hydraclean treatment could do for me and my mess of a face!

Greeted with the warmest of welcome as always, I made myself at home in the comfy in the waiting room to go over the treatment with the lovely Catriona. I should point out for those who have never been to Chamomile, this is no ordinary waiting room- it is actually one of the prettiest rooms I have been in complete with beautiful cabinets, decadent chairs and a gorgeous fireplace- it really starts the experience off with an instant hit of luxury and relaxation, I love it in there!

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The Hydraclean treatment is absolutely perfect for people on the go who are short on time but looking for big results. Taking only 30 minutes this is by no means a 'quickie' treatment just shortened to ensure clients are in and out, this treatment has been  specifically designed for speed and efficacy and makes sure your eye make up stays in place so you can get back on with what you need to- fitting it into your lunch hour with ease.It was because of this I was really drawn to trying it ( that and the price- £35 which I think is very reasonable for what you get) as I think with lifestyles getting ever busier being able to slot some skincare into a hectic day is a godsend and something that is not offered by many places.

Catriona expertly walked me through the procedure which is a 7 step facial that uses regulated heat by using an electrode that is rolled over the face, this then triggers hyper secretion form the sweat glands ( attractive!) which basically rids the skin of all the oil and toxins while giving the pores a thoroughly good clean out and allowing the treatments to really penetrate and heal.

The treatment gives great focus to clearing up the T zone which is exactly what i was needing, the cooling gel that is applied before the heat was incredibly relaxing and  the soothing massaging movement of the electrode was a really relaxing sensation. I was very lucky in that there was extra time around my appointment so following the heat Catriona treated me to a mask ( chosen depending on your skin type) and then a massage from the shoulders up that was absolutely glorious. Clients can choose to have one or the other in their treatment usually and I think it is a fab addition for the price. 

Once we were done I was so impressed with how my soft and clear my skin felt and how bright it looked. You are advised like most facials to not put make up on for 6 hours afterwards and do you know what, I actually didn't! I went straight from the facial to meeting some friends for lunch and didn't even think once about my naked face- this is totally unheard of for me! It speaks volumes for the treatment that I managed to go the whole day with just mascara on- I still can't believe I managed it.

To be one of the first to try the Guinot Hyraclean call the spa on 0131-220 1000. An  Individual treatment is£35 which I think it is a total steal, or you can book a  course of three £90 (saving £15) and a course of six is £175 (saving £35) which are great offers for regular upkeep.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend, after another fairly decadent one I could certainly use another one of these facials this morning!

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