Wednesday 5 June 2013

GC Watches Campaign Launch Night at Rox

Feeling glamorous at the GC and Rox event
When I was little I was obsessed  with peoples watches, I always wanted them to take them off so I could wear them, often ending up parading around family gatherings wearing a fair few at once and screaming the place down if anyone asked for it back! Fast forward to now and even with a collection of my own, I still always stop to admire them in shop windows and notice them on peoples wrists- I can't get enough!

So of course when Rox invited me down to their stunning thrill room to celebrate 15 years of GC watches and the launch of their new Smart Luxury campaign, I jumped at the chance. Getting to admire beautiful timepieces with a drink in hand - how could I refuse?

It is a well known fact that Rox and the amazing team at Dada throw the BEST parties. I knew we were in for an amazing night and they certainly did not disappoint. With an amazing performance from the operatic  group Amore, Tattinger bubbles and cocktails alongside some delicious canapes and the GC watches out on show, it was a spectacular evening.

Amore giving an incredible performance
GC were not on my radar before but they certainly are now, I love to wear mannish watches and there were so many calling out to me on the night. A friend of mine  tried on quite a few as she was looking to buy and from getting to really handle them up close I was so impressed with them the quality and how they looked on.

Gorgeous GC Slimclass

B1 Class

Ah I want them all!

 Thank you so much to everyone involved for letting us attend such a gorgeous event- it was an amazing night!

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