Monday 28 June 2010

HP Unmasked!

Happy Monday one and all!

Did everyone have a jam packed weekend?

I went for a BBQ with friends, had sucha lovely day so will pop up some photos in a moment.

But more importantly it is time to finally introduce the mystery that is my dearest HP to you all…

Here she is! The flame haired beauty on the left

She is in fact called Mairead ( pronounced my - red) and she is the strongest, warmest, and beautiful person you could ever want to meet. She has known she has cancer now for around 6 weeks and the courage she has faced in the hardest times is the most admirable thing I have ever seen and I love her dearly, everyday am astounded by how well she manages and how she can still laugh and take time out to bother about the people around her. I could not be prouder of her and I know everyone else is too.

I would love love love you all to go over to the new blog she has started and read a little about her as she is the most important little gem to me and I think she has a lot to pass on to everyone else, she reminds me to live life as it comes and appreciate what you have and to manage to laugh in the strangest and diffiucult times that life seems to throw at you.

Isn't her new bright long wig incredible? This is me and her amazing family just after she got it.

So this Monday is for my Mai- I love you boma.

Love always,


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