Monday 14 June 2010

Just another manic Monday...

Oh weekend why do you go so fast?

I got to spend a gorgeous afternoon with HP and the rest of our friends, it was lovely to spend sometime with everyone together in the sunshine with an amazing spread of food and a nice big ice cream cone, heaven!

Sunday saw the West End Festival here in Glasgow which happens in the park right on the end of my street, it is a great excuse for everyone to come and sit in the park and enjoy a parade, some food, stages with different music on and to just laze and people watch!

Now my favourite part of this yearly event is always the stalls, I LOVE little booths filled with things from handmade clothes to gorgeous cupcakes to my favourite thing- jewellery. Stalls filled with amazing, silver rings and woven necklaces, chunky bracelets and thousands of lovely earrings. I could spend hours trying it all one, but sadly I am penniless at the mo so it was for the best I just had a quick look through.

My favourite stall was Kool Jewels I have to share the website with you as their stuff is so cute and really affordable and right now they do free P+P!I got a little something for HP from there and eyed up a few thing s for me ready for when pay day rolls around!The above little necklaces are absolutely adorable and look so expensive, but they are not- YAY!

Now as everyone knows my camera is fully broken right now, and so you wonder how do you have all these gorgeous photos!? Well I would like to thank my dear friend Jamie for being really supportive and not only taking these great shots and letting me use them, but also for actually being the amazing friend who got me this new home,! I am so excited, I feel all grown up having my very own website. He has been really lovely and there is only one thing I can do to say thank you.....

Your very own colour in Dino- Enjoy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

Much Love,


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