Monday 28 June 2010

Friends + Food= a happy Saturday!

I got a little carried away playing with Hp's Dads camera so there were a million snaps of the BBQ so here are a few and some from lovely Jamie's fancy camera. I love BBQ's so relaxed and lots of good food and lazing around. YUM!!

BBQ beauties

A sitting down version of Gaga's Telephone!

Toasting yum yums.

Me attempting to take some snaps

gossiping in the garden

I kept setting fire to them, why can't i just toast them!!

Jamies amazing sweet potatoe Pie. It was amazing.

Burger mountain. You will not beat me...

In other news my camera finally arrived today- HURRAH! So tonight I will play around with it and see if I can work the silly thing. Also got to make some extra cash at the mo so putting up some stuff on Ebay,time consuming but needed. Sigh.

Much Love,


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