Monday 17 December 2018

Glasgow Reviewed; Ryan James Studio and We Are Eponomyous Pop up shop St Enoch Centre

At the St Enoch Centre Christmas press event, nestled among the beautiful pieces from Debenhams, Mothercare, Billies Market etc,I was surprised to also find picks from Darte jewellery, sumptuous hoods from Chou Chou Couture and bold  Barbra Kolasinki purses.  Turns out they are all part of the amazing Ryan James Studio and Eponoymous pop up shop in the St Enoch Centre that is open until Christmas Eve. 

This beautifully curated pop up shop is located right across from H and M on the first floor and it's a chance to buy some independent gifts while you are in doing your shopping. I was super impressed with the range on offer, from beautiful LaB6 Candles ( which smell PHENOMENAL) to ceramics, high end mens and womenswear via wooden watches from Kochiba and beard oil from the Bedfordshire Beard Co and the most incredible Sarah Haran handbags,  I love that it means people will discover brands they didn't know about while picking up gifts for loved ones.

I was instantly drawn to a cabinet full of Euan Mchwhirter's shiny gems and I was really taken with the gift sets from Ermana who I had never come across before, I also couldn't resist picking up a couple of pairs of these amazing Huxley socks!! There was such a perfect blend of items at a mixture of price points that it really feels like a one stop shop and all supporting independent makers that deserve that platform for their work.

I think it's amazing The St Enoch Centre have these brilliant designers under their roof in this 'Shop Small 'collection, I highly recommend checking it out while you are in. Plus is it right along from the Kimbles cafe.... so it is pretty much the perfect way to shop and snack.

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