Tuesday 28 June 2016


I have always been one for last minute decisions and this was one hell of a big one! After humming and hawing about doing it at some point in the distant future, I suddenly decided the time was NOW. I wanted to sell the flat and start working on the next adventure.... and since then life has been alllllllllllllllll over the shop! So here I am saying I am still alive ( just) and before long I should be back up and running and getting to enjoy a life outside of sorting through estate agents, visiting countless homes and having small meltdowns about a million different things at once!

I bought my flat 5 or so years ago and while that might have felt stressful, nothing prepared me for the headache of selling and buying some where too,  never mind the expense!! I fear I will never get to enjoy my favourite frivolous purchases again :( I guess I will hopefully have a nice place to call home instead though so I shouldn't moan!

A B Property Consultants
I don't know where to even begin filling you in on the journey, what started as one quick wee valuation on my beloved flat turned into all stations go! Having to entertain a host of estate agents to find out who we liked and importantly- who we could afford, we finally found the one. I was not prepared for just how hard it was going to weedle out the truth from the fibs and I actually found the whole process pretty awful. That was until I made contact with Alex who owns AB property. Since deciding on using them for the service it has all been a much easier process, although still sad as I do love where I love, Alex and the team have provided an excellent service for the sale.

As of this week it  looks like it might be selling in the very near future which is exciting but terrifying all at the same time. Next up is quickly trying to find where to go next..... hopefully by my next post I will have some exciting news! I know so many fellow bloggers are in the process of buying their first place, or considering moving on to their first home so I would love to hear how everyone else is getting on and pass on a recommendation for a good agency to consider.

Send me some positive vibes amigos!

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