Monday 6 June 2016

Edinburgh Reviewed: CACI Synergy facial at Chamomile Sanctuary Spa

J.Lo is flawless,  she might not quite be Jenny from the block anymore but she certainly seems to never age which it would turn out is in part thanks to the CACI, non surgical face and body treatments she loves. So of course I felt like a superstar when i was asked if I would also like to give it a go, would I come out looking as young and fresh as she did? My fingers were crossed!

The glorious Chamomile Sanctuary Spa in Edinburgh who are always on the forefront of new treatments, are the first place in Scotland you can actually try the new CACI synergy facial treatment and it was certainly a whole new experience. Centering around an almost space like machine that has a whole load of bells and whistle attachments that are used in the facial, means that for the first time your skin is treated to light therapy alongside a microcurrent which allows for  added tissue stimulation which helps with collagen production. You can opt to include either a microdermabrasion session in the 90 minutes or an ultrasonic peel which is ideal for tailoring the session to your skins needs.  I unfortunately couldn't experience the peel option on the day, but I did give the micro dermabrasion a shot. In the past I have not had much success with this in the past, often finding it a bit 'sand blaster' like, but this technology was a whole different experience. With CACI it feels far less granular on the skin and instead the wand used just bumps along the skin a little ( not painfully) and gets to work on really clearing out the pores. I don't think my blackheads knew what had had hit them! I learned in the session that using superficial abrasion like this helps trigger the body's own natural repair mechanism which brings new collagen as well as rehydrating the area so it was no surprise when it left my skin utterly baby soft and smooth looking. 
The innovative micro-current aspect of the treatment is performed using wands that are moved around the different areas that while a tiny electrical pulse is passed it helps re educates the facial  muscles ( all 32 of them)  and prevent the sagging that ageing brings. It also increases blood flow and aids in lymph circulation which is ideal for reducing any puffiness and making a more defined and taught silhouette. It is these benefits that sees the CACI touted as a non- surgical face lift and I can see why. I was interested to learn this micro-current technology is also now used in hospitals for wound healing and in physiotherapy too.

The light therapy aspect being added in is ideal as the blue light can be issued to help with killing surface bacteria and soothing angry skin and the red light helps cell renewal and wound healing. Both of which my skin badly needed! Not only that but my fine lines I suffer from were given the once over with the 'wrinkle comb' attachment, the difference afterwards was fantastic! This was also aided by the Hydratone mask that is applied which really firmed up the areas that bother me.

looking dazed and confused post treatment with smooth feeling skin!
None of the aspects of the treatment were sore and the whole thing is performed perfectly by the amazingly knowledgeable therapists at Chamomile. It was so different to facials I have had in the past and I loved how effective the results were. You are recommended to attend for a course of treatments and I can only imagine what the long term results would be like as after one, my skin looked worlds away from when I went in.

Treatments cost from £125 with offers on course bookings. You can contact the Spa on 0131 220 1000 or visit the website.

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