Tuesday 8 September 2015

My Universkin serums

If you haven't already caught my review of my consultation experience with Universkin at the La Belle Forme Clinic in Glasgow- then you catch it here. Getting to watch my own tailor made serums being mixed for me was a really exciting experience and I couldn't wait to get them home to get going with using them. Following my skincare questionnaire I was given both an AM and PM serum to use, each one was labelled up with the ingredients chosen for me and my therapist went through how best to use them.

My AM serum was mixed with L-Ascorbic acid ( vitamin C) alongside Ferulic acid which I was delighted to have chosen for me as I have actually seen fantastic results using Ferulic before and I am always on the hunt for Vitamin C based products generally.

And my PM serum utilises Phytic acid, Arbutine and B3 and between the two serums we were looking to lighten any scarring pigmentation, keep my skin clear and also work on brightening and hydrating too.

Housed in small, secure bottles with a thin top, the Universkin serum is a milky texture that is not too runny but not at all thick and unspreadable. The bottle is perfectly designed so that you simply squeeze the tip to dispense the perfect dot on your fingertips ( I find 3 or 4 does my whole face) and then tap it across the skin. Due to the very active ingredients, the serum has no added perfumes and smells 'clinical'. This isn't a bad smell at all and is actually a scent I prefer as I would rather forgo synthetic florals for something that is actually working for my skin.  I love how simple and clean and unwasteful it is to use, never mind handily portable in a small, sturdy bottle. I quickly got used to how best to apply and have been using both serums for six weeks and been really happy with the results.

You are advised to use your products within 6 weeks of receiving them, as Universkin believe just like you wouldnt drink 6 week old orange juice, neither should you apply old vitamin C to your face and I found my serums lasted around 6 weeks anyway with daily use. In this time my skin definately calmed down considerably from the spottier phase it was in when I started which was perfect for me just going on holiday. It left me skin with a lovely texture and was definitely helped brighten the dullness that I suffer from while leaving it really soft and hydrated at the same time.  I loved the process of putting the serum together and think the idea of then going back for a new supply means you can actually change or tweak your potion due to what your skin needs now is absolutely genius. For my skin concerns I know that I would need to refill my skin prescription to see continued lightening of my scarring but seeing how the serums have helped in other areas and knowing the reliable and proven ingredients that are being used, I know I will continue to see changes.

My well loved empties!
For anyone looking to start using more results driven ingredients on their skin this is the ideal way to start out and means you don't have to think about only treating one of your skin complaints at once. As always the La Belle Forme team are incredibly knowledgeable about the products they stock and are amazing at answering any questions and giving you their own experience of trying out the serums too.

To book in to create your own bespoke skincare you can contact the clinic on 0141 552 0828

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