Monday 9 March 2015

Introducing; Go Nutrition

In my last post I was filling you in on a review I am doing with AG Fitness which involves learning strength training over a few sessions. I am half way there now and absolutely loving learning weights and good form and looking forward to building my strength up and adding some heavier weights down the line. The great thing about Andy's approach is his attention to the nutrition aspect of training and the importance of a strong balanced diet to  help you reach your goals. I would say thanks to a lot of work, that my diet is pretty good but I was aware that there are times when I am not quite taking in enough protein for my needs and seeing as it is vital to muscle repair and building I thought it was time to explore options to increase my intake.

I will throw my hands up and say I have avoided protein drinks in the past as I have preferred to get protein from natural sources and  have long associated them with some really intimidating gym fiends and also because of the added chemicals and sugar and it always looks so expensive! However knowing I was planning on making strenght training a more regular addition I figured now was the time to look into a bit more and experiment. After comparing a whole load of different companies offerings and reading up on forums with people who consume products like this daily- I came across Go Nutrition who were getting rave reviews for the range and quality of products on offer that are coming in at really good prices. I was really taken with the transparency of the ingredients they are using and its something my research showed that is not the case across the board, their open and honest approach is seriously commendable and seems to be proving a big hit with customers.

"You won't find cheap fillers in our products, you won't find us faking the protein levels by adding cheap amino acids and you won't find us hiding the exact ingredients of our protein blends, greens powders or amino acid formulas behind so-called proprietary blends."

To get me started I have tried out the Maple syrup and pancake Whey Protein 80, the Amino Go and the Creatine Monohydrate.

Now I am not in a position to review the full effects of taking supplements like these as they are all so new to me so I can't compare or even fully comprehend what benefits they are doing to my muscles but I can report that after my sessions and any other gym work I have done on my own that It has definitely helped with any aches or pains that I have had post gym in the past. For comparison Ally is also attending these sessions and due to his protein levels being super low he has still been feeling the effects of lifting weights wayyy after he should be where as I haven't found that all. Week one, when I hadn't used these, I was definitely in a lot more pain! You can read a lot more about the products and the full breakdown of benefits on the site but in terms of the whole process I have to commend Go Nutrition greatly. As a total newbie to the area I was really impressed with the level of customer service they offer, the answered my mountain of questions and helped guide me in what products might be of use and explaining why. I found the website fantastic to navigate- I love that you can shop by pre/post workout timing, by goal or by brand. They have the full nutritional breakdowns on offer alongside some really useful guides and info on how best to use products and even their own magazine style pages called The Pulse- and they also happen to have some damn good deals on the go too!

 I have already put in for my next bundle ( I want all the flavours!) thanks to an offer that popped in my inbox. They have same day dispatch, cheap delivery ( free over £50) price matching, 30 day guarantees, live chat service and a referral scheme which means you get free protein with your first order and excellent information on how to use it and their products- I honestly can't fault them!

If you are starting out strength training or looking to start supplementing your diet like this, I highly recommend finding your feet with Go Nutrition- and feel free to use my referral code to get you started with your first order ( disclaimer- I get a treat too!) Even my PT has jumped on board to try it out!

Just pop BZIPTN at the check out to use it and enjoy the free protein.

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