Monday 9 March 2015

For you, For Everything

I got an email from the lovely guys at Joe Blogs letting me know about a fab competition Great Rail Journeys are running for Mother's Day where you could win a trip to Bruges , which is somewhere Ally and I have been desperate to explore for ages! The task is to write a post saying why you are thankful for your mum and it brought an unexpected tear to my eye as of course I am hugely thankful to my mum (Mizzipins, as I like to call the poor thing,) for so so many things but it actually really inspired me to write a little bit about another mum I am thankful for, Ally’s mum, Jackie.

If it wasn't for her Ally wouldn't be the incredible person he is today and the one that I count myself lucky to be with every single day. She raised him and his twin sister alone and with very little which now I am older I can appreciate must have been incredibly difficult- yet she never moaned, never complained and never let them think they had any less than any others. To this day he is touched and excited to receive even the smallest thing from a person which is such a wonderful quality to have. She instilled in him a beautiful respect for women that I continue to admire and he continues to demonstrate in so many ways. He is thoughtful, encouraging, romantic, caring, sensitive and loving in abundance thanks to the home she provided for him growing up. She created such an infectious sense of fun and adventure in him that just makes every day brighter, and he passes it on to everyone he meets. He is fiercely loyal and devoted like her, loves to settle down and watch westerns like her and he can cut a fine shape to all her favourite 'Jackie Disco' hits. Everything he does, he does with a twinkle in his piercing blue eyes and with a mile wide smile, that are her mirror and it brings a wonderful sense of joy to my life.

Passing on the love he has learnt to his gorgeous nephew
I never got the chance to meet Jackie as she passed away the year Ally and I got to know each other- and it is something that I often struggle with. It is odd to feel as close to a person that you didn't get to know, but I treasure that feeling. Through fond stories told, old photos found and visits where she lies now to fill her in on our recent adventures, I have formed a bond with her that I couldn't have expected.  It is her birthday tomorrow, which every year brings a reflective pause to our lives- a moment to remember and reminisce and take a step back and cherish what she has given us- which makes writing this seem the perfect timing. I know if she was here right now she would be beyond proud of the man he has grown up to be but I know he carries her with him everywhere, and allows her to inspire everything he sets out to do.
a new day, a adventure, a new silly face!

So as normal this Mother's Day I will celebrate alongside my mum that I realise I am so incredibly lucky to have and who I appreciate that bit more now. 
But I will be celebrating Jackie too, as if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have everything and that’s something I don’t say I am thankful for enough.

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