Monday 26 January 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit sure know how to launch a new product and their new mascara, Roller Lash, is no exception. On a freezing January night they rolled (groan!) into town in the most spectacular Benebus possible to invite us on board to learn more about their latest product. Opening the door I was met with the coolest space on wheels that I would quite happily move right into on a permanent basis, Benebabes were on hand to dish out the tips, mini cupcakes and fizz scattered about and some of the coolest quirky decor I have ever seen ( hairdryer lights= genius!) Add in a host of excited press and bloggers all sitting playing with the new Roller Lash mascara and you have a bit of a dream evening!

Alongside foundation, mascara is my favourite beauty product and the one that is most likely to get me in a frenzy and buying a new one regardless of how many I own. I am super fussy when it comes to the brush, the consistency, the performance and the longevity of my mascaras so I was more than ready to give this bad boy a whirl seeing as their last mascara, They're Real was a big hit in my books. Roller Lash is billed as the mascara that hooks, lifts and curls the lash much like a  velcro roller would in your hair. the innovative brush grabs and separates the lash thanks to these  tiny like hooks which is amazing for me as separating the lashes is one of the big things I look for, I HATE spidery lashes! This is a nifty bit of design and it took 4 different attempts to get this new brush just right and you can see all that work in the finished product.
So how did it perform? I am on the fence in some areas but then I was the same with They're Real initially and after a couple of weeks it became my absolute go to mascara! I do love that it is super black  in colour and the excellent separation it gives my lashes, it hasn't smudged or flaked on me, is long lasting and is still easy to remove which is also good. In fact reading that list of positives makes me realise just how demanding I am being here as it pretty damn good! It just doesn't quite give me the full va va voom I was hoping for and I definitely don't get much of the promised curl from it- I definitely wont be giving up my precious Shu's just yet! I find it doesn't quite give me as full a looking set of lashes as other mascaras can but I am still persevering as I think my application technique needs work.
For an innovative mascara with a nourishing formula this is well worth checking out- I think I just need a little more time with it to be won over completely. It has a lot of positives working for it and the fact it is just so damn good looking always wins points me with me!

The new Roller Lash launches in March at £19.50 but if you are lucky and manage to pick up a copy of the March edition of Elle you will find a tester with it- perfect for giving it a go before going full size.

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