Friday 28 November 2014

Winter Skin Wardrobe

Just as you would pack away the flip flops and maxi dresses after summer and get out the wooly jumpers and scarves, I find my skin wardrobe needs mixed up too come the turn of the seasons. Gone are the mattifying products I need to keep my shiny skin at bay and in comes the big players in hydration to stop my skin looking dry and dull. I have brought out a few of the big guns in recent weeks and it has made a big difference to the texture and look of my skin, never mind making my make up look a whole lot better.

For day to day moisturiser I have been using my trusty Yonka Pamplemousse moisturiser that I have actually been using for almost 2 years now! I first got my hands on it in an early Glossybox and until then I had never found moisturisers particularly 'exciting' but when I finished my first ever tube I realised nothing I used in its place lived up to this one! Since then I have been getting my hands on them through blog sales but lucky for me they are now launching in Scotland so it should be a lot easier to get my hand on their products which is exciting!

I am a huge fan of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm ( seriously, who isnt?!) so I have been using the Amazing Face Treatment Cream * at night to give my skin a super shot of hydration and give it a bit of a glow. I love applying this as it feels beautiful on the skin and in the morning it looks like I have had a decent nights recst ( essential for the party season!). My face just looks a lot more 'lifted' and plump when I am using it which is exactly what I have been needing. 

For brightening I find nothing beats the power of Vitamin C and this serum from Image skincare has been working wonders on giving me that glow. I have loved this and the SPF moisturiser that I have used in the past from Image so I am defo asking Santa for one of the Image Christmas sets that they have just now ( see here for stockists) as there are some amazing savings to be made for this salon available brand. 

Thanks to another one of my wanders through the Debenhams Beauty Halls I have incorporated the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II into my routine. I finished my bottle of the first formula earlier this year and not gotten round to replacing it so when I read some absolutely cracking reviews (including the thumbs up from Ms Hirons) for the new and improved formula, I couldn't resist picking it up. I have been super impressed with how it leaves my skin looking in the morning and like its predecessor it is beautiful to apply at night and totally comfortable on the skin. I am a sucker for a miniature too so the little Christmas gift set seemed the perfect time to buy!

What is your winter skin wardrobe?

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