Wednesday 7 May 2014

Pushing myself with Scottish Power and Cancer Research

The Scottish Power High 5 Wave tent
I was determined that 2014 would see me push myself further than I have in recent years, from saying yes to things more often, to trying new foods or accepting new challenges. I have actually managed to stick to this resolution quite well so far and it inspired me when I got an email only a few days before the big Cancer Research Race for Life in Glasgow, asking if I would like to take part...

Ally and I getting our high 5's in!
Scottish Power were willing to donate £250 to the charity on my behalf if I ran the race for them and where I might have once shied away, I was quick to say yes and get my running shoes on for such a good cause. They were one of this years sponsors for the event and hoping to raise as much awareness as they can  by inviting people to take part in their High 5 Wave campaign. All you have to do to help them reach their target of 50 000 high 5's and a donation of £30,000 to Cancer Research is upload a snap of you high fiving on their campaign website which you can visit here. It is so quick and easy to take part in this fun campaign and do your bit for Cancer Research and the incredibly important work they do. 

Getting ready to give my all
My own experiences of this awful disease affecting family and friends inspire me to push myself more and take advantage of as many opportunities as possible and I am really thankful to Scottish Power for inviting me to do this run. I didn't think I could run 5 yards never mind 5K so I really surprised myself when i managed to run the whole way and in 25 minutes too and shock horror I actually enjoyed it too! The whole morning was such good fun, running in a crowd of  15 000 ladies all decked in pink and cheering each other on was amazing, and reading all the dedications on the backs of the running tops was so touching and served as the perfect reminder of who we were all running for and to push ourselves harder.

Chuffed with myself for finishing!

The support stealing the runners finish line treat!
Please do take a minute or two today to upload your high 5 today and keep the wave going for Cancer Research!

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