Friday 25 April 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; Bra Fitting Service at Debenhams

I am writing this post at a thousand miles an hour as I am just so excited about the experience I had last night and I wanted to share in time for anyone heading out for a spot of shopping this weekend or are in need of some new bras. I was invited along to try out the bra fitting service at Debenhams on Argyll Street and I am so, so glad I went along. After losing weight in the past few years I have been dreadful at making sure I was going for fittings and allowing for a change in my bra size- which is stupid considering how many different clothes sizes I have been through! I was aware that my current bras were probably not completely accurate but I figured I had it fairly sussed... I could not have been more wrong!!

I was met by Anne who was the most professional,efficient and knowledgeable bra fitter I have ever been to( I have probably been fitted maybe 4 or 5 times over the years) She was so good at explaining the points of fit she was looking for when finding the right size and right style of bra for me. She made the experience completely comfortable and put me at ease by explaining everything she is going to do and ensures she runs every move by you which I think is so important when in that quite intimate setting. She took a quick measurement as a guide and from there based her choices on my shape and what I was looking for.  I was bowled over when she told me I had a small back and was in fact a 30/32 E or F and not the 36C I was currently sporting, I had no idea! When she put a 32F on me, I was utterly gobsmacked by the fit-it was so supportive! I know that sounds ridiculous but going from thinking 'my bra fits alright' to one that actually does was worlds apart. Anne explained that the support part should come from the under band and NOT the straps as I had always assumed and the difference in feeling from having this was incredible. She asked me to put my top back on to see how much it alters my silhouette and I could have hugged her- a plain stripey top suddenly looked sooooo much better. She went on to explain the proper way to put a bra on ( again something I had no idea about) and jiggled each different type we tried to ensure each was an impeccable fit.

how gorgeous is this pin up style strapless bra?

I was in the need for a good basic strapless bra for an upcoming wedding and she was so happy to go through these with me on top of the t shirt bras we had already gone through. Her attention to detail and patience was superb and she so happy to help with the million questions I had for her. I normally dread the idea of having to wear a strapless bra but with my change in size it is not a concern at all- the one we picked out fits so incredibly well that I am actually looking forward to giving it a whirl! I cannot believe I have been wearing the wrong size for so long considering the massive difference it makes. You leave your session not only with a spring in your step and a seriously impressive new bust line but with a really handy little card to keep you right when picking out future bras which is such a useful touch I have never had at any other fittings. I fell in love with pretty much all of Debenhams own brand Gorgeous range, the quality of these bras was just impeccable for the price range ( an excellent high quality t shirt bra is £19.50 and one Anne sports herself daily) and right now if you get in before Sunday and go for your free fit you will receive £5 off a £30 spend or more on lingerie which is a fab deal! For future Debenhams online purchases or Matalan too, I would check Codesium before checking out as they have lots of discount codes available that you could use. I also noticed they run some fab giveaways including one right now for a Debenhams gift card, well worth checking out!

I was so excited walking out of the changing room last night, it was a huge confidence boost having even my basic day to day clothes fit that much better- I was ready to pull in people off the street and make them have it done just to show them the difference it can make! Do yourself a massive favour and get in pronto for an absolutely outstanding free fitting soon.

Happy Shopping

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