Thursday 17 April 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; The Green Cleanse from Juice Warrior

My mega box of cleansing juices
So if you have not read my first post on Juice Warrior and their one day skin boosting Cleopatra Cleanse, then you catch up HERE.

Following my successful first day it was time to move on to a slightly more 'advanced' plan. The Green Cleanse is a strong juice pack aimed at those who prefer veg juices over fruit and is a more experienced cleanser who is looking for a challenge. I was definitely a little apprehensive after such a nice light day full of fruity goodness on the Cleopatra cleanse but I do love my veg so was ready to get stuck in. After speaking to the very knowledgeable Megan from Juice Warrior and reading through the info pack I received with the cleanse, I knew I had the choice of having no food and giving my digestive system a complete cleanse or enjoying the juices as part of a healthy raw diet. I do enjoy testing myself and have completed a full cleanse before but decided on this occasion to add in a couple of things over the two days. I incorporated my normal Saturday and Sunday breakfast smoothie ( spinach, banana, flax, chia, blueberries and some peanut butter) and also had an apple in the afternoon on both days. Other than that I only had the juices, some water and herbal teas to keep me going. I found having my usual smoothie first thing really helped me feel full for a long time and gave me the energy boost I needed for a busy day volunteering on the Saturday.

Following the Cleopatra cleanse I slept really well and woke up feeling sprightly, not at all lethargic or hungry like I feared. I started off the day with a shot of Chlorella from the Green cleanse which I was ready for after trying it the day before, I left it ten minutes then had my usual smoothie and went about my business until I was ready for my first juice about 3 hours later.  Juice one was the Evergreen that I had already tried and enjoyed, a good start to the pack it is not at all offensive or too 'green' just fresh and appetising and nicely filling. It actually tasted so much sweeter to me today than yesterday which is probably thanks to a good amount of hours being sugar free. I then moved on to Green Powerhouse which tasted very green but not at all in a bad way. It was just less fruity than some but tasted incredibly healthy and by now I was feeling a little peckish so I was totally ready for it and very much enjoyed it as my body was obviously craving lots of greens!

I was feeling full of energy all day which was great, I tucked right into my third drink which was the beetroot one I had sampled on the Cleopatra Cleanse. I actually enjoyed it so much more today, definitely might be coming round to the beetroot blends- hurrah! The next juice was Green Spice and it was the one Megan had warned me was 'VERY STRONG',so I was a little nervous... This was by far the only drink I actually had to force down, it was not the prettiest tasting but I knew it was loaded with goodness (one of the most alkalising, healthful drinks they produce) so I got on with it. I had pals over to watch a film at night and managed fine as they enjoyed some tasty snacks sitting out which is testament to how filling I find the juices. My last drink of the evening was Broc on which was so nice in comparison to the last one that I guzzled it down! Bright and refreshing, it was a nice end to the day and I loved that it had broccoli in it- one of my very favourite vegetables!

going mad for fruit and veg for post cleanse
I woke up pretty early the next morning due to the 'cleansing effect' kicking in... I wasn't sure what to expect but certainly the Green Cleanse is one to clear the pipes out with ( sorry, gross but necessary) The juices were obviously doing their work! The rest of the day was fine however, I took my juices in the same pattern as yesterday and all ( bar the Green Spice) went down a treat and kept me going. I wasn't feeling particularly hungry or drained and just enjoyed a nice lazy day which felt the perfect end to my cleanse.

I woke up on the Monday feeling properly on top of the world and invincible following the 3 days. My body was clearly thanking me for everything good I had put in and I didn't want it to stop so I was really organised and planned to spend this week eating as raw and clean as I could. I have been enjoying my favourite weekend green smoothie every single morning for breakfast, tucking into huge raw salads for lunch and keeping dinner jam packed with veggies too and I am happy to still be feeling totally amazing 5 days after finishing.

tasty lunchtime salad 
I can highly recommend both the products and the service provided by the dynamic duo at Juice Warrior who have been a huge help throughout the process. I find their passion for what they are doing so admirable and encouraging and they have inspired me to keep up my new good habits! Before long they will be adding in raw snacks such as kale chips, nut butters and dehydrated fruit packs into what they offer which is super exciting for those trying to keep healthy in Glasgow City Centre and I can't wait to try them out.

You can contact Megan and Daniel by emailing or follow them on twitter  or facebook 

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