Wednesday 26 March 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; Ishga facial and seaweed bath at the Blythswood Spa

If there is one place in Glasgow guaranteed to put a smile on my face it is the spa at Blythswood Square Hotel. I have long said that of all the spas I have tried there is something magical about this place- the dark lighting, relaxed vibe and excellent staff that just works together to do its job of chilling me out. This is no mean feat as I have mentioned before, unwinding is not my thang but somehow a trip here always sorts me out. It could be my obsession with their thermal experience which for me is a just a big step above your standard spa with pool and sauna, or their well thought out changing areas or maybe just because it is in the depths of such a beautiful hotel that makes me think about it often and get so excited when I have a chance to go along. They have recently introduced a new brand to the spa and I was intrigued to learn more about it and the treatments they are offering utilising them.

The Ishga range (derived from the Gaelic word for Water), has been created on the Isle of Lewis by a team of people with a passion for creating high quality cosmetics by harnessing the natural antioxidant, healing and anti-aging properties that are provided by the purest Scottish seaweed.  The seaweed itself comes from the pure unpolluted coastal waters of the Hebridean Islands and is known for its healing and therapeutic properties thanks to its balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants which are essential to healthy and youthful skin. It is said to tighten and tone the skin, stimulate blood and lymph circulation and provide a deep cleanse while still increasing the skin's moisture levels and elasticity. Alongside its ability to repair and revitalize it is often used to help with skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. This Scottish aspect really piqued my interest, I am so passionate about supporting and helping promote Scottish brands and products that the range sounded right up my street.

With seaweed sounding like a bit of a wonder ingredient, I was of course thrilled to be climbing into a big hot bath of the stuff down in the spas bathhouse. The room is beautifully relaxing, you can lower the lights to suit, climb into the huge tub and just enjoy a solid half an hour of relaxing by candlelight and letting the seaweed do its magic. You pretty much had to drag me out of the massive warm bath tub when the time was up, it was so soothing and the perfect start to the coming facial. If my face was going to be feeling even half as smooth as my body after this bath then I would have been happy!

My therapist Joanne talked me through the brand and the facial while giving me a super enjoyable foot exfoliation.I then got settled on the bed and enjoyed a wonderful combination of products and massage which was in no way limited to the face. Throughout the treatments my arms and shoulder, neck, face and head were all massaged beautifully which added a really lovely layer to the experience and just added to the relaxation element. The products smelt divine and refreshing no doubt thanks to the other ingredients used such as jojoba, thistle and apricot kernel oils and cucumber and comfrey extract. I loved the second mask which is applied near the end, it is a thick peel off consistency that I have never had used in a facial before. When we were done I was super impressed with how plump, smooth and moisturised my skin felt while still feeling exceptionally clean and refreshed. I went home feeling beautifully peaceful, refreshed and with some seriously ' alive' looking skin. I was all round thrilled with my evening at the spa- they just never disappoint!

Having a Scottish sourced facial or seaweed bath at one of Glasgow's leading hotels would be such a gorgeous gift for anyone and seeing as Mother's Day is just around the corner, I can't think of a mum who would not ADORE this!

The Ishga facial is £80 and seaweed bath £25, to book in you can call the spa on 0141 240 1622 or email

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