Tuesday 3 May 2011

Danke Berlin


Did you miss me?? I missed you all ( in amongst stuffing my face and drinking too much German beer!) I have LOTS of exciting stuff to share with you guys soon but for now  I just wanted to say hello and share a couple of Berlin snaps with you. Won't bore you with them all, I went tourist mad with the camera to be honest but still wanted to give you a sneak peak of my city break. I LOVED Berlin, it was an incredible city, steeped in the most fascinating and grand history, there was just so much to do we did only a portion of what is on offer. I would absolutely return in a hearbeat and I intend to!

We were there for 5 nights and 6 days and in that time I walked further than I probably do in a year- my feets are mere stumps now but it was totally worth it. I was away with the other half ( first proper holiday together and he didn't kill me, thats pretty impressive) and we managed to fit in seeing so much, all the main sites like the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, The remains of the Berlin Wall, The holocaust memorial, Museum Island and much more. I have always had a big interest in World War 2 so being able to go on a huge Third Reich and the Nazis walking tour was fascinating- we learnt so much it just gave me even more respect for Berlin that I had before I went. It was my Birthday on the Tuesday so we went to the Zoo which was amazing, it is right in the middle of the bustling city and a wonderful way to spend the day- bar the huge thunder storm that came out of no where but the seal enlosure helped pass that time :)

sleepy at the Brandenburg Gate after a long day of walking
Captain Map keeping us right
Rest stop
Ally chilling in the middle of the centre beach!
Ally was a gem and smiggle some mini eggs with us so we could roll them for easter :)

At one of two incredilbe fleamarkets we browsed
Stumbled across an amazing outdoor karaoke event in the park- much fun!
Joking at the olympic stadium
The lion King
 We ate soooo much while away I can barely even fit in my pajamas now, seriously so much good food everywhere it would have been rude not to indugle! Put all the daily steins of beer in to the mix and generally my body is a total mess so that diet starts today! Well, maybe not but I will at least head to the gym tonight and contemplate doing some exercise!

The minute I got back it was straight into the Royal Wedding prep for me and HP's celebration party, it was such a lovely day. The wedding was all we hoped for there was much squealing, oohing and ahhing and dressing up. I definately had more than my share of the pimms and prosecco going round  and her sister and chum made me the most incredible cake I have EVER had, it was perfect, it has all my favourite make up treats on the top made of icing- what more could you ask for! there were even little bronzing pearls! We then fired up the BBQ and continued our own little garden party it was so much fun. I feel totally spoiled this past week, I even got pressies too I will fill you in on them later but I am a lucky girl!

Part of the Royal China collection :)
Teenie with the best cake ever
Overdoing it on the Pimms
 Sorry for the mega long post so to anyone still reading HAI! Thanks for keeping up, did I miss anything huge?everyone else have a fab long weekend?

Much Love

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