Monday 21 August 2017

Vanity Cases from Makeup Fix

Since moving house late last year , I haven’t actually managed to really sort out my ( hideously expansive) make up collection, I have a lot of it squirelled away but that means I am not using a lot or making sure I change up what products I use which is no fun. I totally loved vanity cases when I was younger and I  had one that I was obsessed by, I would pack away toiletries and make up that I could pilfer from my mum and I loved organising it and carrying it around the house for no real reason! Understandably I was pretty delighted when I was recently sent this purple beauty from the team at Makeup Fix

 This Songmics case is a really pro looking bit of kit and it can hold a tonne of products. I love the organisation space inside and the fact it has a decent sized pop up mirror too. It would be ideal for anyone who has to carry around a lot of products on a regular basis but for me I just love who much better It will make accessing my collection without leaving it all out on show. They had a range of vanity cases to choose from including a really slick black one that was a little smaller so would be really handy for smaller collections or needs. This one comes with a carry handle, keys for locking and a additional storage box for internal organisation which is super handy. It is incredibly lightweight but still durable and the covered corners make it ideal for moving around with you which appealed to me, made even easier by the included pop up mirror.

They also stock a beautiful range of makeup brushes that are just stunning as well as other make up accessories. The larger make up trolleys look like a MUA's dream, it is pretty worrying I could easily fill one of those too....!

I have already started changing up my most used products thanks to my new storage system, I'll get a post on my new bits and bobs up shortly.

This post was written in conjuction with Makeup Fix

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