Friday 10 March 2017

Benefit They're Real New Launches

So I may have taken a BIT of an extended Christmas break this year..... but instead of beating myself for not getting sorted sooner, I am going to just get on with posting and get stuck back in. Last year was absolutely the toughest I have gone through for a long time, and selling a flat, buying a house and renovating it certainly took its toll. By the time January came round I was fully done, and just needed some quiet time and I am so glad I did.

I am only just getting back to catching up on events, new openings and product launches now and it feels good to be back in the game and what better way to kick off than a bit of Benefit. You know by know a few of their products are my absolute daily staples ( namely brows and mascara) but I am always keen to see what new creative things they have come up with, they are always on the ball with new releases.

 I went along for a brow wax  in the super amazing pink Brow Mobile, right in the middle of Buchanan Street, who knew you could fit 2 people getting their brows done in the back of a car!?
I managed to get a good look at the new additions to the They’re Real family while in there including a range of new shadow duo and lip colours. Sticking to the They’re Real formula, they promise to be pigmented and long lasting- something I have not been let down on by Benefit. They’re Real mascara and liners are some of my most used items in my collection so I had hopes for these.

On first look when I saw pictures of the Duo Shadow Blender I have to be honest and say I felt sceptical, for the shadows I am not a fan of a little sponge brush and I was sure there was no way it could possibly apply to the lid in nice defined different colours but seeing them in the flesh I realised it was actually super nifty. I gave a beautiful bronze combo a go and was delighted to be proven wrong. I actually gave it the first go while sitting at my desk on my lunch, I figured if it was going to work i should be able to give it  a couple of swipes and be good to go and it actually worked!!I still cant quite work out how they have managed to get that sponge the absolute perfect shape but I had eyes that looked like I had put far more effort into them than I had. When I use it at home I usually give a quick blend with an eye shadow brush after but really there is no actual need, the system works as it is. I have my eye on a couple of other shade colour ways, can't wait to  try more!

The beauty of Double the Lip is the custom teardrop tip which is a liner and lipstick in one. Now I had visions of a bit of a 90's brown lip line with nude lipstick, but when I saw the Benebabes rocking a variety of the colours I was so impressed, their lips looked so FULL! I was desperate to give it a go and picked up criminally coral and I have to admit the first couple of uses I found the top lip easier to apply than the bottom lip, but once I got the hang of it, it was worth it. The colours on offer are just gorgeous and the extra definition the bullet gives the lip makes a difference, I think it was one you need to give a couple of go's to get it just right but the pay off is worth it.

These new products are well worth heading in store to check out in the flesh to see them work their magic, I delighted at just how handy they are.

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