Friday 25 November 2016

Introducing; Skye Candles

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I am almost ready to get moved into the house, there is lots to be done but fingers crossed come Christmas I will at least be sleeping under that  roof! There are so many bits and bobs to think about that my brain is fully fried but if there is one thing I can count on now is that it will at least the new place will smell lovely and welcoming thanks to a lovely treat from Skye Candles.

I have bought so many of their products in the past as gifts for other people so I was delighted to have one just for me this time around. I never used to be particularly interested into scented candles but when I got my flat a few years ago I realised how big a difference they can make in creating an atmosphere. Now everyone might be going Hygge crazy right now, but I think we have always been pretty good at it here in Scotland thanks to our abysmal weather, and Skye Candles have the most gorgeous array of scents and sizes on offer.

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Passing the 10 year milestone this year, the team at Skye Candles have been on quite a journey. starting in a family owned renovated Bothy set among some stunning landscape on Skye to their beautiful 5thshop right in the heart of Glasgow on Buchanan Street, the company continues to build a huge following thanks to their quality products. I had always picked them up as gifts as I had heard  the burn time was excellent for the price  and the scents they use are just dreamy.

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I have been trying out the 3 wick candle (sneakily before I move into the house), and I was surprised by how affordable it actually was at only £28 but giving a solid 45 hours burn time.I found it so hard to pick which one I wanted to try, with some really interesting sounding fragrance combinations such as Highland Gorse, Rasberry and white Ginger and Pimento and Cranberries but in the end I actually let Ally pick something out. He was keen to give the Wooden Heart version a go as he thought it had a masculine sound along with the Mango diffuser for our hallway as it would be bright and fresh. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with his reasoned choices and we were both so pleased with his decision. Wooden heart is the most enticing blend of the outdoors using tea tree, cedar and a little bit of orange. it has a beautiful earthy feel that is going to be perfect for our living room and the orange gives it this seasonal touch that is perfect right now. I have had diffusers in the past but always find their scent has never been strong enough but this one is a total breath of fresh air. With the refill bottles only £10, I will absolutely be getting more.

I have compiled quite the wish list of products that I am dying to try now, the little travel tins would make amazing presents and the individual tumblers are definitely getting purchased for our spare bedrooms. I am delighted i finally gave Skye Candles a go, they are well worth checking out for your Christmas shopping this year. 

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