Friday 30 September 2016

Hair Today....

Do you know in the whirlwind that was the last few weeks of organising selling my flat and purchasing a house, all normal functions of maintenance and  hair removal went right out the window. It is funny how routine disappears and then before you know it, you finally take 5 minutes in front of a well-lit mirror and you realise you are all over the shop. This is exactly what happened to me at the weekend, without even realising I hadn’t kept my eyebrows in check, my underarms were not exactly fresh and my legs had NO chance of being kept in order. essentially I was a bit of a hot mess. 

It made me realise just how much I actually undertake in terms of hair removal- and made me think how for a lot of it there must be an easier way! A couple of weeks back I was actually sent some info on IPL hair removal and it has got me thinking of what time I could cut down in that regard. I know I have it easy in comparison to  my middle ages sisters who were dealing with a delightful mix of cat wee and vinegar to get that silky smooth feeling but even finding a new razor to purchase (I know it is in a box somewhere…..) was a total minefield that fried my brain. Now I remember a beauty therapist pal once showed me her underarms thanks to IPL and we compared my one day growth with her 6 weeks and it was properly astounding but at the time at home systems still seemed SO expensive not to mention painful. Taking a look at the new Panasonic hair removal machine however I am definitely intrigued by the money I could save on expensive replacement razor blades never mind how much shower time I could recover by not faffing about!

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For now however I will have to stick to what I know as all spare pennies are being thrown into the house. I had to settle for  locating some tweezers and  taking out some time to bath and unwind for a little bit. I maybe shouldn't leave it quite so long next time....

Happy Weekend!

*this is a collaborative post*

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