Wednesday 18 May 2016

Rediscovering The Body Shop

When I was younger a trip to my local Body Shop was one of the most grown up things I could do. I still remember the first time I received one of their little round lip balm pots ( hello shea butter!) and thinking I was a super model.That little beauty was the start of an elaborate love affair with the brand among me and my pals and it really took me through my teenage years. As I moved off to Uni and discovered a world of brands, I am sad to say aside from the odd staple purchase The Body Shop faded into the background. I stopped paying attention and turns out I missed a whole heap of amazing product releases!

In the past couple of years I had been in probably a handful of times thanks to blogging helping guide me back there to check out a few things, but I hadn't taken the time to actually take in some of the amazing products they had been creating. I was invited along to a couple of VIP parties in the Sauchiehall street branch recently and I have to say, I have not stopped raving about it since!!

There are some absolutely fantastic lines right now in store that are so worth checking out. I am officially in love with the Oils of Life collection ( the facial massager is incredible value) and the new Vitamin E range has a beautiful SPF 30 that has come along at the ideal time for me. It was also heartening to see some of the products I remember the most are still going strong, providing amazing value for money mixed with The Body Shops strong ethics that always set it apart. What I was super delighted with is the amazing re-branding that is currently going on. What is still a fantastic cleanser for £5.50 suddenly looks like it cost 4 times the price and really competes with some of the high end brands I am now used to shelling out for.

The staff in the Sauchiehall Street branch were such a delight to chat to,they are so loyal to the brand and what it stands for, it was amazing to hear their detailed knowledge on the products and what is best for your needs. Suddenly my Body Shop must try list is insanely long, I know the new Drops of Light collection designed for targeting pigmentation is something I have to get, and the smell of the recently launched Pinita Colada collection is to die for!

I have been so impressed by what I have seen so far, I am delighted it is firmly back on my radar. I signed up to their website and the offers they have on their are just amazing, the size of the discounts they regularly offer puts other brands to shame! If it has been a while since you stopped by The Body Shop I highly recommend popping in and taking a good look, you won't be disappointed!

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